Aetherics is about learning how to deliberately develop and utilize the energy that is within you and that surrounds you. This energy, often called chi, od, orgone, ki, prana etc, permeates our bodies, our environment and our imagination.

Basically chi is a complex form of energy which manifests itself in our vitality, spirit and life.Energy work increases and balances our own personal energy. The benefits are clear and frequently stated in the usual seminars:

  • Physical Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Mental Health

Which all comes down to a longer and healthier life in a relaxed state of mind. However, what is never mentioned in such seminars is that apart from gaining greater control of your own energy level, with continued practice you also gain greater control of energy levels of others. This combined with chakra work, runes, sigils etc can do wonders in manipulation of your surroundings. The potential of aetherics is only limited by your own imagination and skill.

There are numerous systems of energy work, depending on culture and purpose. Some systems are based on doctrines of ideologies such as Taoism or Buddhism while others are based on the movement of the body or  having the body moved for you (energy massage), additional systems rely on sound (mantras) or postures.

A good way to start Aetherics is to begin with one or a combination of  the more or less traditional practices like Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Rune Stödhur or Huna. Reiki I left out for the time being as it requires initiation by a master, which usually involves a few bucks. Few being a few 100 or 1000.

You should begin with body movements as taught in Chi Gung for example to get a good idea how the energy flows through your body, how you can direct it and how it affects you. For beginners it is best to use a neutral system as opposed to one with specified energies such as Rune Stödhur, where you raise the energy of  the Rune within you. However, when you have practiced Chi Gung for some time you can start experimenting with Runes so you note the difference of the energy that is raised in your body.

Later on, you can move on to purely mental practices, where your mind directs the flow of energy no matter in what position you currently are. Once you can easily direct energy to any part of your body you can start with projecting and extracting energy to and from other beings, be it plants, animals or humans.

Invaluable for Aetherics are breath control, concentration, a good visualisation skill and awareness of what happens within you as well as around you.

To manipulate the generated energy itself, colours, runes and sigils of  any kind can help in defining how it is loaded and what it is supposed to achieve. Chi itself is strictly neutral, so you can change the purpose any way you want.




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