The centre of the human body is the Dan Tien which is located roughly 3,5-4 cm below your belly button. After grounding yourself it is important to refocus and find your centre. In Chi Gung grounding and centering go hand in hand and it is a most effective method to balance and refocus yourself and your energy.

Start by standing comfortably with slightly bend legs and a straight spine. Hold the hands infront of your Dan Tien without touching it. Hands are held pinky finger on pinky finger, thumbs pressed together and palms facing up. The pinky fingers are closest to the Dan Tien but don't touch it.

Visualise now the energy gathering at your core. The ball of energy is a vital, constantly moving sphere. Keep your mind on what is you and hold on to that. Leave all thoughts of anything that does not belong, ignore everything from the outside that distracts you from yourself.

When you have gathered the energy in the core, extend it to all parts of your body. Do not extend it past it however.

Feel every aspect of your entire being.

When you are done do a little warm-down exercise.




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