Grounding or rooting is one of the most basic exercises in aetherics. When energy is build up it can become destructive or stale, both can be harmful to your wellbeing. Grounding comes in here as a stabilizer. The excess energy is expelled from your body harmlessly.

For grounding most people use the earth, letting excess energy flow into the ground. However it can also be passed on to objects, beings or your surroundings.

Excess energy usually manifests itself in mood swings, hyperactivity and erratic behaviour. Additionally stale energy most commonly builds up in joints, causing stiffness and pain. The neck and shoulders are especially prone to collect stale energy as massive amounts of energy are moved along the spine.

Grounding will remove these effects and bring order to your energy household. Also grounding along with centering should be done after energising exercises and rituals.

Grounding Techniques

Stand in a natural position that is comfortable to you. Lower your center of gravity slightly by bending your legs a little. It should be a position that you can hold easily and that doesn't tire you.

Now start visualising that your excess energy moves along your legs into the ground. While you are moving stale energy down, pull up fresh energy from the ground, move it through your body and out of your crown chakra into the sky.

When you feel that you have removed all excess or stale energy, center yourself.

In another method you can also visualise yourself as a tree, extending roots deep into the earth and passing the stale energy through them. The earth energy that you pull up can be passed to the sky by raising your arms and visualising them as your branches. When you are finished bring your hands together at your Dan Tien and center yourself.

You can also ground yourself by sitting down. As above visualise the excess energy moving down your spine to the root chakra and into the ground.




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