Aetherics A short introduction to basic energy work
Chi Gung Introduction A short introduction to Chi Gung
Chakra The seven main chakras
Chi Gung Elements The five elements in Chi Gung
Meridians The Meridians in Chi Gung


Breathing Styles Correct breathing to raise energy
Chi Gung Exercises A few easy Chi Gung exercises
Grounding How to ground excess energy
Centering How to center your energy
Shielding A guide how to shield yourself against intruding energies

Medical Chi Gung

Lung Meridian Exercises Exercises strengthening the lung
Kidney Meridian Exercises Exercises for strengthening the kidney
Liver Meridian Exercises Cleansing and strengthening the liver
Heart Meridian Exercises Strengthening the heart
Stomach and Spleen Exercises Raising energy in stomach and spleen
Triple Burner Exercises Strengthening the triple burner
Healing Mantras Mantras for nourishing life


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