Kidney Meridian Exercises

  Responsible for:
  • Growth
  • Development
  • Reproduction
  • Urinary functions
  • Storage of essence of life
  • Maintaining fluid balance of the body
  • Condition of the bone and marrow
  • Activities of brain
  • Hearing
  • Innate constitution


  • Body immunity
  • Better hearing
  • Better endurance
  • Potence
  • High spirit
  • Solidify foundation of life


Sit with a straight back, feet about shoulder width apart, don't lean your back on the chair. Your hands rest on top of your knees.

Concentrate on your root centre and exhale slowly while you contract the muscles between testicles and anus. Then inhale and release the muscle as you push your stomach out.

Repeat up to 20 times.


Again sit with a straight, unsupported back. Feet touch the floor and are a shoulder width apart. Hands rest again on top of your knees.

Breathe naturally until you feel your dantian is filled with chi. Exhale slowly, draw in your abdomen and contract the muscle between testicles and anus slightly. Visualise the chi flowing up from your dantian seperating at your waist and meeting again at the navel.

Breathe in slowly and release the musle while you push out your stomach. At the same time lead the chi back from your navel to your dantian.


For this exercise stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bend and arms to your sides. Breathe in while you begin raising your hands up towards your lower back with the back of your hands facing the body.

When you reach the level of the kidneys bring your hands forward towards your navel with the fingers pointing down. Raise your arms up to shoulder level, hands towards each other with fingers pointing down. Then turn your palms to face each other.

Exhale while saying "Chui", hands positioned as if holding a ball, squat down. The upper body stays as straight as you can, contract the muscle between testicles and anus.

Repeat six times.



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