Liver Meridian Exercises

  Responsible for:
  • Storing blood
  • Regulating distribution of blood
  • Function of tendons
  • Eyesight
  • Insufficient blood stored causes premature whitening of the hair

Deficiency of the liver also effects the kidneys.


  • Better eyesight
  • Fair complexion
  • Restfullness
  • Calmness


Stand with your feet as usual shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent with your hands at your sides. Eyes closed concentrate and regulate your breathing.

Overlap your palms over your dantian, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth while vocalising "Xu".

Hold your hands as if you'd hold a ball in front of your stomach. Then raise your hands up until they are over your head and visualise that energy is flowing into your crown chakra.

Lower your hands in front of your body, passing eyes and stopping right under your breasts. Massage this area by making six circles in each direction. Then press your hands on the area just below your breast and bend your body four times from left to right.

Slide your hands on your body slightly back and again massage this area by making six circles in each direction. Then overlap both hands on top of your dantian again. Bend your body forward and back for four times.

Seperate your hands and start moving them down along the insides of your legs. Breathe out and bend your body and lower your hands until your middle fingers touch your feet. Stay in that position for a few seconds then stand up.


Stand with your knees bent, feet shoulder width apart and hands on your abdomen, men with left hand on top of dantian, women with right hand. Breathe in and visualise the chi flowing from your big toe along the liver channel up your thighs, past the reproductive organs up to the top of the liver channel (to the side of the solar plexus).

Breathe out and open your eyes wide. Chant "Xu" while you lean forward slightly. Contract the muscle between testicles and anus and draw your stomach in. Repeat six times.



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