Shields can be used for a number of reasons. Most commonly they are used to repel psychic attacks, but they can also be useful to protect you from the negative or conflicting energies of your surroundings. If you are extremely sensitive the use of shields can be very beneficial for you.

Creating Shields

This is a simble sphere of energy that you project around you. Before you start perform a grounding and centering exercise. Once you are in balance begin to gather energy in your solar plexus. As you pour in energy start expanding it into a large sphere. Keep the surface of the sphere hard but still flexible as under a stronger attack, tough shields break easier than those that can bend. Continue to push the energy out around you until you stand in the centre of the sphere. Visualise a cord of energy extending from your solar plexus staying attached to the shield so that it will continue to receive energy. Otherwise the shield will deteriorate over time.

If you wish to dissolve the shield reabsorb the energy.

You can give additional functions to your shields by adding sigils or runes or filling the shield with specific emotions or intents. For example you can charge the shield with the intent of "stay away" and shape it accordingly, making others avoid you.




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