Angel of Death


The purpose of this rite is to create an Angel of Death that can be linked to any chosen target. The Angel will then kill the target asap and with any means necessary.

You need:

    • Physical representation of the Angel
    • Sigil for the servitor
    • Sigil and link to the victim

The physical representation should resemble a god of death, skeleton or anything you connect with death. Attach the programming sigil on the body.

The Sigil:

To kill designated targets by any means necessary

Preferred colour: Black



An hourglass with all the sand down and the targets name written on it could be used.
Sigla of Death gods like Hel and Thanatos and of course skulls.

Gods that could be included in the rite:

  • Hel
  • Thanatos
  • Traditional Death
  • Euronymous - Prince of Death
  • Kali
  • Morrigu
  • Mictian
  • Hades
  • Rhiannon
  • Uggar
  • Arawn
  • Lady Death

The Rite:

1) Statement of Intent:

It is my Will to create an Angel of Death to kill any chosen targets

2) Opening, with evokation to help empower the angel

3) Creation of the Servitor and programming

4) Calling upon the god
Summoning the powers of the god
Focusing it into the servitor

5) The Creation of the Link

<Servitor name> I link thee to <Target Name> through his/her sigla and his/her <physical link>.
It is thy task now to kill <name> by any means necessary.
When thy task is done, go back to sleep until I call upon thee again.

6) Launch




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