Here's an example of a curse utilising Seething techniques.

For the ritual was used:

    • A photo as link to the target
    • A sigil of the target
    • A WAV file as music, mixed with the text of the curse


The WAV file was set to loop, the picture of the target was merged with the sigil and displayed on the screen.

The Ritual:

Opening with the Statement of Intent

Music starts. With it start to chant the following, starting loud, becoming ever more lower and then raising again to the rhythm of the music. While chanting shake, dance, hop around, whatever you prefer to get into a seething trance.

Versinken soll nun ihre Welt
Ihr Fleisch verfault
Ihr Glanz verblaßt
Und wo sich Geist zu Geist gesellt
Da tanzt sie bald den Totentanz
Lust, Leid, Wahnsinn der sie treibt
Not, Neid, Pflicht die sie erdrückt
Traum, Tran, alles was ihr bleibt
Wunsch, Wahn, der die Welt verrückt

Translation of the text:

Her world shall sink
Her flesh shall rod
Her shine shall be gone
And where ghost meets ghost
she soon will dance with Death
Lust, Sorrow, Insanity drives her
Need, Jealousy, obligation presses her
Dreams only she shall have
Wishes and delusions shall destroy her world




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