Creating Fear


Creating Fear is one of the most requested spells many mages request - the other being a spell for love. Often they want to strike fear in people they themselves fear. Be it either for revenge or for making themselves feel better.

Methods of Fear Creation:

  • Glamour
  • Sigil
  • Helms of Awe (Rune Magick)
  • Servitor


Glamours are the easiest way to to strike fear in your targets. Simply surround yourself in a dark, brooding aura.


A sigil usually could only be used for a specified target. Here you have a couple of options. Either you could make someone feel fear all day, or you can specify that he gets nightmares every night. For example you could sigilise:

To Strike Fear in <X>


To Create Fear in <X>


<X> will have nightmares each night in the time from a to b

It would be a good idea to add a time period for how long the target shall be affected by the spell.
The sigil could be placed in the center of a chaostar and then thrown at the target.

Anyway, this method isn't flexible enough, but for quick spells it certainly it serves it's purpose.

Helms of Awe

The aegishjalmar - Helms of Awe - are complex bind-runes with forked ends on the lines of a usually symetric cross. The simplest form would be:


The word aegishjalmar literally means "the covering or helmet of awe and terror". The Norse believed that those sigils give you the power to strike paralyzing fear into the enemy.

It is usually associated with the mythical power of snakes to paralyze their prey.

The sigil is normally divided in 3 zones. These zones represent the outer universe, the inner universe and the magician from which the spell is cast.


1 = The Core
2 = Inner Universe
3 = Outer Universe

At the core place the intent of the the spell for example with either a sigil composed of the intent, or a combination of runes (thurisaz, ansuz, nauthiz and eiwaz for example would do). Along the lines to the "Outer Universe" the in the core specified power flows. The lines should end in a representation of the target, eg a sigil composed of the targets name.


The Core sigil was composed of the word "Fear" and the runes thurisaz (curse and destruction), ansuz (power over the target) and nauthiz (need)


The intent flows along the lines of the cross to the target, whose sigil is attached there. The bows approximately midway on those lines are for keeping the power returning to the caster.



The helm then is simply loaded with the desired energy and activated. The sigil should be drawn from the core outwards.


The creation of a Servitor for Fear is one of the most reliable methods of inducing fear in the target. Another advantage is that the servitor can be generalised so that you can link it to any chosen target, while sigils or the Helm of Awe is usually linked to a specific target and they had to be created anew to link it to a new one.

First you have to create a core statement with which you program the servitor. For it being re-usable, the statement

"To create fear in any chosen target"

would suffice.

The line should be short and straight to the point. Don't get too specific. It's best to let the servitor work out by itself how fear should be induced. Additionally you can add a time period over which the servitor shall work on the target.

To make the servitor more powerful, feel free to add a Helm of Awe, runes or any signs you associate with fear.

Sigilise your line and build a servitor from it, for example with the method Phil Hine gave in his book Condensed Chaos.

Additional Notes

Fear spells in themselves are a pretty nice way for revenge, most of those mages however overlook the potential of a Fear spell.

For it is a very powerful emotion that generates quite an amout of energy and you should not let it go to waste. The spell is best linked with a vampiric entity - that way you have a cheap energy source.




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