The Keeper


The basic idea behind the Keeper is to create a link between the creator of the keeper and its victim so that the creator can manipulate the victim easily, guide it where he wants it and punish it if necessary.

The Keeper itself can either be placed in a physical object, eg jewellry that the victim  likes to wear, or just be created as a thoughtform that
attaches itself to the victim.

A great way to deliver the Keeper is to place it into an envelope which you send by mail to  the victim. As soon as the target opens it, the Keeper
attaches itself to the victim.


  • Design a sigil from the statement of intent and the name you will give the Keeper
  • Collect the usual links to the target
  • Decide on how you want to deliver the Keeper and get the necessary things
  • Add any sigils, bindrunes or symbols you desire and feel could enhance the casting.

Suggested Runes:

  • Fehu: projecting energy
  • Thurisaz: destroy defenses
  • Ansuz: Control
  • Raidho: Guidance
  • Wunjo: Strengthening bonds
  • Perdhro: Change surroundings to will
  • Ehwaz: Loyality
  • Decide on what you want to use to send commands to the Keeper.

Design Sequence

Open the rite with a suitable opening.
Sit or stand in front of your altar, breathing rhythmically and deeply.

Declare your statement of intent.

Build up energy by using your preferred method.
Start visualising a cord of energy coming out of your hands, gathering a few feet before  you.
Start shaping the cloud of energy to what you want the Keeper to look like. I usually go  for a octopus like shape like Cthulhu.

Program the Keeper now, outlining its instructions, align it with its target and link it  to your "remote control" (the sigil and name of the Keeper with which you relay commands to  the victim).

When you've done that, visualise that the cord between you and the Keeper dissolves.
Now visualise the Keeper entering the means of delivery to the target and command it to  stay there dormant until the victim is in close range. Then it shall connect itself to the  target and start its work.

Banish with laughter
Deliver the little package to your target.

To give instructions, use the sigil of the Keeper with its name and start telling it what  you desire your victim to do.




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