Orb of Fury


The intent of this ritual is to create an energy ball filled with anger, fury and hate that can be shot at any designated target or used to charge an item.

If you wish to implement *proper* time, the Dark of the Moon would be good.


  • Think of an experience you had which made you extremely angry
  • Select a target or item which will receive the ball
  • Pillows, things to hit etc.
  • NO candles
  • make sure you are alone and no one cane hear you scream

The Ritual:

Open the ritual by casting a circle. All items for the ritual should obviously be within said circle.

Now stand in the middle of the circle and visualise a black shield surrounding you. Nothing can escape this shield.

Say aloud what made you angry, remember it all in great detail. Let the feelings grow and work yourself up into a frenzy.

Then let go of your feelings. Do whatever you want. Hit pillows, destroy something, scream or howl. When you are certain that there is nothing more left inside of you, stand up and contract the visualised black shield into a tiny ball in the centre of the circle. Once the shield has left you completely, let the ball enter the item you have prepared or shoot it off to the target of your choice.

Banish and have a bath.




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