Personality Override


This rite is intended to change the personality of yourself or specified person. It can be used to enhance the personal attributes for better or for worse.

You need:

A Chaostar with inverted rays like this one:

Inverted Chaostar

Then you need to assemble 8 attributes you wish to enhance. Like Stubbornness, Honesty, Depravity, Compassion or whatever.

Sigilize these qualities, and draw them into the rays of the Chaostar. One in each ray.

In the centre, place a representation of the target. You can either sigilize the name of the person, or place a photo in it, or if you're lucky and have something personal like a hair, finger-nail or whatever, place that in it.

The Rite:

As opening I performed the Chaostar stadha (adapted from the hagalaz stadha)

Stand facing the prepared Chaostar with your arms raised high above your head.

Start turning widdershins, and lower your hands slowly, your arms should be moved to 45°, then 90° and when you're facing the opposite direction of your starting point, rest on your sides.

Continue turning, and start raising your arms again, until you're in your starting position and face the Chaostar again.

Opening words:

I summon the Forces of Chaos
Around and above me flare the Chaospheres
Chaotic energy surrounds me
The temple is consecrated

Statement of Intent:

It is my will to improve the personality of <name>

Next follows the summoning of the qualities you picked.

<quality> I summon thee into this ray

While summoning the attribute, point with either your wand or your finger at the appropriate sigil and charge it with their meaning. That means, channel some representative picture into them.

Then create the centre of the Star, similar to servitor creation. Imagine the target into the circle and merge it with the sigil.

Thou art XXX
Thou art his/her magickal twin
As thou art, s/he shalt be
Thy purpose is to raise
The attributes contained in thee
<name the attributes and draw the sigil from the rays into the centre>
Thou art linked to him/her
Thou shalt merge with him/her
His/Her attributes shall rise

That done, imagine the Chaostar blasting off into the direction of the target, hitting and entering it, and finally merging with it.

This is my Will.

Banish as you wish.




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