The Spiders' Web


The target will be unable to concentrate, he'll end as an empty hull without will.


  • Table/Altar, preferably with a black table cloth
  • Black candles
  • A vessel (should be waterproof, the inside metallic, preferably light reflecting - easiest would be aluminium)
  • A string (to create the web)
  • A ring (that holds the web, 30 - 40 cm in diameter)
  • Wax to seal the vessel
  • If possible something from the target (photo, hair, finger nails, personal object etc) If you don't have any personal stuff, create a sigil of the target
  • Incense, two kinds: first something sweet, like musk, then something bitter, bad smelling.

The Rite

1. Statement of Intent

It is my will to capture (name) in my spider web

2. The Summoning of the Spider

I summon the spider
I am like her
Black shimmering, a deadly beauty

3. Weaving of the Web

Burn now the musk, and weave the web around the ring. After that, place the web on the vessel.

4. Baiting

Prepare now the sigil or whatever object of the target you have. Call the target with promises etc.

(Name) I call you, come to me
You, who are connected to this (object)
Follow my will

Intone the name of the person faster and faster. Upon reaching the climax, hurl the object into the web. Burn now the bitter incense.

You, (name), are now captured in my web
There is no escape
(Name), now you are under my will

5. Sealing of the vessel

Place the web with the object into the vessel and intone:

This is the coffin for your free will
Everything you do will fall back unto you
Nothing escapes from this prison

Seal the vessel with wax. Then you can bury it somewhere




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