Gods, Demons and other Entities


In Gods we trust - all others pay cash

We have gods the same way as we have bacteria. There are billions of them. They live from belief, without belief, they die. Gods are clearly created by their believers, just take a look at the lives of those gods. It doesn't exactly seem divine the way they pop into existence (especially, if it comes down to beautiful maidens, golden rain showers, nymphs and bulls with extraordinary huge organs...). Gods and humans seem to be inseparable. What gods crave is belief, what humans want is something to belief in.

Each people worship their own gods, some belief in only one others believe that there's a god in every single stone and plant that surrounds us. Some people even adopted ALL of the existing gods and pressed them into a narrow system of belief where they state all gods are one god and all goddesses are one goddess. There and then it makes one wonder if those people keep a list of every newly discovered/created god and try their best to fit it in their system. For workings with gods, try to get some information about them first, like the old myths.

Demons seem to have existed at least as long as the gods. Well, the gods DO need something to fight against, and humans DO need someone to blame him for various on-goings. Some demons can and are also be considered as gods. The difference is basically the same as that between terrorists and freedom-fighters. Considering what most gods seemingly love to do (smiting people, turning people in something entirely else, starting wars etc), it is generally very difficult to part gods from demons. Good sources for working with demons are most of the old grimoires like the "Lesser Key of Salomon" or "The Grimoire Armadel". Demons usually have sigil with which you can summon them.

Spirits come generally in two groups. First there are the spirits of nature, like nymphs, salamander, boreas etc. Then there is the group of spirits of the deceased (that is if you generally adapt that paradigm to work with them - if you don't believe in life after death in some sort of meaning, I doubt you'd get much results). For natural spirits, I'd suggest using the tattwas and it's representative element to summon them.

Chaos mages believe that entities, be it gods, spirits or demons are part of us. We conjure them not from some space beyond or ethereal void, we summon them from within us. Those summoned entities are aspects of us, that are evoked to enhance what we want. Some beings can be considered as servitors gone wild. Servitors that managed to get too much believe together for their own good. A good example herefor would be the Christian/Jewish god.


A list of the more important gods of the following pantheons:


Zeus The son of Cronos and of Rhea. Zeus was rescued from Rhea before he could be swallowed by Cronos. Later he defeated his father and ascended to the throne of the Olymp. He is the god of lightning. Invoke him for rulership
Hera Wife of Zeus. She grants rule and power, and guards the mothers. Envious of all women her husbands ruts with.
Pallas Anthene Goddess of Wisdom and of War. Anthene sprang out of Zeus's head.
Ares God of war. Full of lust to fight.
Apollon God of the arts. Often depicted with arrows and a lyre. Myths claim that he is responsible for the death of Achill.
Aphrodite Goddess of love. Her artefact is her magickal belt, with it she is able to inflict love in any man, god and demon.
Poseidon God of the sea. He carries a mighty trident. With this trident he stirs the sea.
Gaia Goddess of the Earth. She is responsible for the fertility of women and the country.
Eris Goddess of chaos and discord. She is responsible for all the quarrels on earth.
Hermes The messenger and god of thieves. Patron of merchants and of travellers. Myths have it that he invented the lyre.
Hades Ruler of the realm of death.


Jupiter Son of Saturn, Jupiter is the equivalent of the Greek god Zeus. As Zeus he managed to dethrone his father.
Juno Wife of Jupiter, equivalent of Hera. Her festival in Rome was celebrated on March 1st.
Venus The goddess of love. Equivalent of the Greek god Aphrodite.
Diana Goddess of the moon and hunt. Her name means the striking or the iluminating.
Mars God of war. The Romans believed that he was the father of Romulus and Remus.
Merkur Messenger god and patron of thieves. Equivalent of Hermes.


See here. It's a rather long list.


Odin/Wotan/Woden Aesir, King of the Gods, Father of All and Sky God. God of the Hanged and the Wild Hunt, God of storm, rain and harvest. A shape-shifter. Leader of the valkyries. Usually accompanied by his two ravens Hugin and Munin and his wolves Geri and Freki. His sacrifice gave him the knowledge of the Runes. And his sacrifice of one eye gave him the access to the well of Mimir and with it wisdom. Keeps the einherier in his hall, Valhalla.
Aegir Vanir-God of the sea.
Balder/Baldur/Baldr The Bright one, God of the sun, son of Odin and Frigg, was murdered by treachery of Loki and the hand of Hotur
Bragi God of poetry, married to Idun.
Forseti God of Justice, good laws, arbitration, peace, fairness and good judgement, son of Baldur and Nanna
Freyja The Lady, sister of Freyr and daughter of Njord. One of the Vanir. Her chariot is pulled by two cats, Bygul and Trjegul. She owns the necklace Brisingamen and keeps half of the slain warriors in her hall. Goddess of love, beauty, animals, sex, childbirth, seidr and wisdom.
Freyr Lord, Vanir god of the Sun. The Lover, son of Njord and brother to Freyja. He owns the boar Gullinbursti, the ship Skidbladnir and a magick sword he gave up for his wife, Gerda. His areas are sensual love, fertility, growth, wealth, happiness, weather and sex
Frigg Mother Goddess, wife to Odin. Knower of all things. Goddess of independence, love, wisdom, foresight, marriage and enchantments.
Gullveig Vanir Goddess and sorceress. Mistress of Magick, brought the lust for gold
Heimdall God of Light and Rainbow. Guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that leads from Midgard to Asgard. He has superior sight and hearing. Guardian god
Hel Queen of the Dead and ruler of Helheim.
Idun Goddess of Eternal Youth and Immortality. Keeper of the Golden Apples
Loki Father of lies, trickster. Blood brother of Odin. A god of Fire
Mimir A god/giant of wisdom, knowledge and teaching
Nanna Goddess of the Moon, married to Baldur
Njord Vanir God of the Sea.
The Norns The Wyrd Sisters, shapers of destiny, Urd, Verdandi and Skuld
Sif Earth Goddess, married to Thor
Thor/Donar The Thunderer, defender of Asgard and humans. Son of Odin and Jord. His hammer Mjolnir is lightning. God of Thunder. Other artefacts are his belt and his gloves.
Tyr God of war, patron of the Thing (Assembly). Giver of victory in battles. God of justice and law.


Oengus Og Irish, one of the Tuatha De Danann. God of youth, love and beauty
Anu Irish, Mother Goddess of the Earth. Guardian of Health, fertility, prosperity and comfort
Arawn/Arawyn Welsh god of Death, Ruler of Anwnn, the underground kingdom of the dead. Invoke him for revenge, terror and war.
Arianrhod Welsh, Goddess of the sky and stars, reincarnation. Keeper of the Silver Wheel of Stars. Beauty and fertility
Bel/Belenus Irish, Sun and Fire god. Similar to Apollo.
Blodeuwedd Welsh. The maiden of the triple Goddess. Goddess of Earth, flowers, wisdom, lunar mysteries and initiation
Bran Welsh god of prophecy, the arts, war, the sun, music and writing
Branwen Welsh, sister of Bran. Goddess of love and beauty.
Brigid Irish, Goddess of fire, fertility, the hearth and healing. Further love, witchcraft and occult knowledge.
Cernunnos The Horned God. God of nature, the underworld and fertility.
Cerridwen Welsh moon goddess. Invoked for knowledge and wisdom
The Dagda The Good God. All-Father, Lord of the Heavens and Arch-Druid. God of Magick, Earth and King of the Tuatha De Danann. Master of all trades.
Dana Major mother goddess, mother of the gods and Moon goddess. Patroness of sorcerers, rivers, water, wells, prosperity and wisdom.
Diancecht Physician-magician of the gods. God of healing, medicine and silver-working.
Gobniu/Govannon The great smith. God of blacksmiths, weapon-makers and fire
Gwydion Wizard and bard, a many-skilled god similar to Lugh in Ireland. God of magick.
Gwynn ap Nudd King of the Fairies
Llyr/Lir God of the sea
Lugh The many skilled one. His feast is Lughnassadh. God of all arts, magick and prophecy.
Macha A war goddess, mother of Life and Death.
Manannan macLir Irish sea god, navigatiors, storms, weather at sea, sailing, commerce and rebirth.
Morrigu Great Queen, the Supreme War Goddess, reigned over the battlefield.
Nuada of the Silver Hand Chieftain god. God of healing, water, ocean, fishing, the Sun, youth and beauty.
Ogma Invented the Ogham script. God of physical strength, inspiration, language, literature and the arts.
Rhiannon The Great Queen and Goddess of birds and horses, enchantment and fertility.

Elemental Spirits


Gnomes - Earth

Use the Earth tattwa in a earthy atmosphere to summon gnomes.
Gnomes are supposed to further growth of plants and animals, minerals and metals. Another task is to heal animals and to protect them.

Sylphs - Air

Sylphs are used for growth of plants. Further they can be used in attraction spells. As with the gnomes, they can be used to protect your possesions.

Udine - Water

Many myths report about those beings. They can teach you in plant-, mineral-, chemical-, psychological- and magickal lore.

Boreas - Air

The storm spirits. While Sylphs are generally well meaning, the Boreas are the more dangerous variant. Summon them to inflict storms and hurricans.

Salamander - Fire

The fire spirits can be used for various tasks, that are affiliated to fire. Like curing fever, summoning heat etc.





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