The Norns


For the Norse Wyrd had three aspects which formed a whole. These three aspects are represented by the Norns.

The Norns (Old Norse: Norn, pl: Nornir) are three women by the names of Urdhr, Verdhandi and Skuld. The The NornsNorns live beneath the roots of Yggdrasil near the Well of Urdhr where they weave the fates for all beings, even that of the gods. From the Well they take water and pour it on the roots of the World Tree, thus they undo the damage the dragon Nidhögg is doing.

The oldest of the Nornes is Urdhr which means all that is past. She knows everything that has happened, when something has been brought into being and when something was destroyed. Urdhr represents the causes, actions and thought that are the foundation.

The second Norn is called Verdhandi, meaning all that is nascent. She is the Norn of the present and all that happens in that singular moment. Verdhandi is the ever-changing present.

The youngest Norn is called Skuld, meaning debt. Her meaning is not to be understood negatively as it doesn't mean punishment for past deeds. Instead it means to be responsible for your actions. The past and the present influence the direction the future takes.

These three sisters thus weave the Wyrd of all living beings and know no higher authority.

Contact to the Norns can be initiated by using the runes or other methods for divination. Frequently their answers are cryptic but they can become more enlightening when the caster takes the past and the present in consideration.

The Norse believed that the Wyrd is not written in stone from birth forward, but that every action influences the future. Additionally there are components that are fixed, for example your inherited nature.




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