Evocation of the Steingod


The Steingod - Baal - is a entity of excess, hard rock, musical inspiration and Harleys. He resides in aburning city in Neverland where he rules over the lost boys (and golden girls). Those boys are mostly fallen angels that roam the city in search for a fuck.

Usually he wears jeans, black leather jacket, sunglasses, leather gloves and a tie with a skull on it. He has long silvery hair. His favourite instrument is the piano.

Ritual Gear:

Clothes: Wear a black biker leather jacket, jeans, biker boots, mirrored sunglasses and a black t-shirt with a skull on it.
Ritual space: The room should be kept in the dark. The altar faces north. On the altar place a e-guitar instead of the wand and a picture of the entity.

For music I'd recommend:

  • The Storm" for the opening (available on Bad for Good and Tanz der Vampire)
  • Bad for Good" the instrumental part for the "for the good of" part
  • Further "Original Sin" by Pandora's Box, "More" by Sisters of Mercy, "Tonight is what it means to be young" by Fire, Inc.

The Rite:

Play a chord with the e-guitar - preferably sounding like the howling of a motorbike (check Bat out of Hell eg)

"It's my will to evoke the Steingod - Baal"

Start playing "The Storm"


"If light were dark
and dark were light
the moon a black hole
in the blaze of night
a raven's wing as bright as tin Baal
then you, oh prince
would be darker than sin"

Start playing a Stein song. After each "evoke you", strike another chord on the guitar.


You Voice of Excess!
God of driving Rock and Sex!
Oh Prince of Darkness!
I evoke you! I evoke you!"

You who dwell in Neverland,
where horny angels roam
the streets of a burning city
looking for damnation
I evoke you! I evoke you!"

You Creator and Destroyer!
You who dreams up storms of destruction!
You who has blessed us with your songs!
I evoke you! I evoke you!"

You who rises out of the abyss
on a flaming Harley
You who drown us in sounds of excess
I evoke you! I evoke you!"

Come to me and bless the Night!
Let the Darkness be my salvation!
Curse the day, escape the light!
Break the chains of imagination!
Come to me and seize the Night
This is the time for inspiration!
Leave the day and loose the night
No more taboos, only new sensations!"

"Let my dreams out of their cages
every passion and desire!
Let my visions be outrageous
set my fantasies on fire!
Everything shall be permitted
there'll be nothing left to fear
All the gods you have outwitted
My inhibitions disappear!"

Start playing the instrumental part of Bad for Good

"For the good of some thrills on a long frigid night
For the good of the fire in your soul
For the good of the kiss let me hold you so tight
For the good of getting out of control
For the good of the action and a race in the dark
For the good of those chills up your spine
For the good of the rock and the roll in your heart
For the good of what's yours and what's mine
For the good of believing in a life after birth
For the good of your body so bright
For the good of the search for some heaven on earth
For the good of one hell of a night
For the good of one hell of a night!
I evoke you!
Oh Prince of Darkness!
I evoke you!
Oh Steingod!
I evoke you!
I evoke you!"

Repeat until in gnosis and let the music drive you.




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