Avatar Pathworking


The intent of this pathworking is to turn the caster into an Avatar, the embodiment of the 8 virtues.

These 8 virtues are:

  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Honour
  • Humility
  • Justice
  • Sacrifice
  • Spirituality
  • Valour

Compassion is total empathy for all living beings, and is derived from Love.

    • Rune: Heart
    • Mantra: Mu
    • Sigil: Heart of Compassion
    • Virtue Stone: Yellow

Honesty is the dedication never to deceive oneself or another, and derives from Truth.

    • Rune: Open Hand
    • Mantra: Ahm
    • Sigil: Writ of Honesty
    • Virtue Stone: Blue

Honour is the courage to defend and uphold the truth, and derives from Truth and Courage.

    • Rune: Cup
    • Mantra: Summ
    • Sigil: Chalice of Honour
    • Virtue Stone: Purple

Humility is the knowledge of one's place in the world, reached through an understanding of the sanctity of all beings, and exists outside Truth, Love, and Courage.

    • Rune: Shepherd's Staff
    • Mantra: Lum
    • Sigil: Crook of Humility
    • Virtue Stone: Black

Justice is the truth of what is right and wrong in human action and the love of that which is right, and derives from Truth and Love.

    • Symbol: Scales
    • Mantra: Beh
    • Sigil: Quill of Justice
    • Virtue Stone: Green

Sacrifice is the helping of others at the cost of one's own well-being, and is derived from Love and Courage.

    • Rune: Tear
    • Mantra: Cah
    • Sigil: Tear of Sacrifice
    • Virtue Stone: Orange

Spirituality is the quest to improve one's own inner being and enlighten and brighten the lives of others, and derives from Truth, Love, and Courage.

    • Rune: Ankh
    • Mantra: Om
    • Sigil: Ankh of Spirituality
    • Virtue Stone: White

Valor is the courage to stand up for your beliefs, even in the face of physical or psychological threat, and derives from Courage.

    • Rune: Sword
    • Mantra: Ra
    • Sigil: Dagger of Valour
    • Virtue Stone: Red

These Virtues when combined form the Principles of Courage, Love, and Truth.

Courage is the will to struggle, for beliefs and for others , and is formed of the Virtues of Honour, Sacrifice, Spirituality, and Valour.

Love is the empathic bond that unites the self to all others, and is formed of the Virtues of Compassion, Justice, Sacrifice, and Spirituality.

Truth is the objective reality, that which is not false, and is formed of the Virtues of Honesty, Honour, Justice, and Spirituality.

The working:

The working itself should be carried out over an extended time, eg 8 weeks - one week dedicated to each virtue, plus one additional day for the final rite.

Pick one virtue and create the appropriate rune (see above), colour it in its colour. For the remaining week continue meditating upon that virtue and act accordingly. Do this with all the 8 runes.

In the end create the sigil of the codex of ultimate wisdom. Before you start drawing the sigil, open the rite with the word of passage, Veramocor. When drawing the lines chant the mantra of the corresponding virtue along with the statement you will find below. The white outer circle is for Humility, the white inner centre is for Spirituality.


The Three-Part Word of Passage: Veramocor

The quality that compels one to share in the journeys of others: Compassion

What I must possess if all may rely upon my every word: Honesty

What shirks no duty: Honour

What is that which Serfs are born with but Nobles must strive to obtain: Humility

What should be the same for Lord and Serf alike: Justice

What is loath to place the self above aught else: Sacrifice

What, in knowing the true self, knows all: Spirituality

What answers when great deeds are called for: Valour

If all else is imaginary, this is real: Truth

What plunges to the depths, while soaring on the heights: Love

What turns not away from any peril: Courage

What is the one thing which encompasses and is the whole of all undeniable Truth, unending Love, and unyielding Courage: Infinity

Dedicated in loving memory to the 8 companions



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