Dhyrra Crystal


The intention of this rite is to create a servitor with a crystal as its material basis, using fear to feed it energy. The servitors prime target is it to supply its user with energy when he needs it. This energy can be easily used for other workings. A variant of the traditional cone of power is used to create the fear that feeds the servitor. This cone should be erected over an area where it is most lucrative for this purpose.

The crystal should then be treated as a fetish - so come up with some methods how you treat it. Eg, it may only be held under certain conditions like when you wear a special glove or made the right sacrifices, light a special incense etc.

Additionally you could add that it may not be exposed to sunlight, or that it may only be taken out in a true night (when there is absolutely no light in the sky) or be seen by anyone else than you. This all lends more power to it.

You need:

  • crystal of your choice
  • map of the area
  • some link to that area, eg dirt or stones
  • black candles can be used to add to the general atmosphere
  • piece of black cloth to wrap the crystal
  • incense of your choice if you want it in the fetish part
  • whatever other things you think appropriate in dealing with the crystal


Create a sigil for fear induction. Example herefor would be a helm of awe. Easiest option would be nightmares.

Create a sigil for the servitor itself along with a name for it. Keep in mind that since the servitor gains its energy from the fear created in the cone, it also must have some vampiric aspects. Unless you can engrave sigils on a crystal, it can only be used for
visualisation while creating the servitor and latter to call on its power.

Prepare the link to the area where you want to have the cone. This can either be a physical representation or be done purely on the astral. For the physical representation, get a large scale map, add the dirt/stones on it and place something resembling a cone, preferably transparent, on it. On top of the cone place the fear inducing sigil.

You may want to place the crystal right on the top since the whole thing makes a nice "altar", so the cone should be stable enough. Also keep in mind any special treatments you came up with for dealing with the finished servitor. If for example you set the rule that it may not be exposed to sunlight you'll have to find a spot for it were no sunlight ever gets to.

The Rite:

  • Perform an opening rite

  • Declaration of the statement of intent

  • Creation Process

    First, create the cone. Place the link to it in front of you, start visualising a cone above it. Use a colour you think appropriate for the task.

    On its peak visualise the helm of awe, the 4 lines of it reaching to the bottom. Charge the sigil with a simple and straight forward statement of intent. Leave the how it should create fear to itself. That way you don't compromise it's effectiveness.

    Next create the servitor itself. See to it that all the treatments you chose earlier are met for the creation. If you chose eg that it may only be revealed when a certain incense is burned, ignite it now.

    Visualise a black line extruding from your chest, half a meter in front of you visualise it to expand into a human like form. When you've finished it's appearance, visualise the sigil you've prepared in it's chest.

    Then give it the name you chose for it and tell it what it is supposed to do. Add that its power should be evoked by its name.

    Next visualise the servitor moving into the crystal. You can shed a few drops of your blood on the crystal to link it to you specifically if you don't want it to be used by others. Now link it to the cone of power for energy supply. If you have created a physical model of the power cone over the area, place the stone on it.

    Lastly, wrap the the whole construction in a piece of black cloth and move it to a save area.

  • Perform a closing rite.

Additional notes:

Instead of fear you can also go for other emotions. For example:

  • Sexual energy: create the cone of power over a monastery eg. Sexual dreams should come easy there, and of course there's also the feeling of guilt there too.
  • Sorrow: a possible place herefor would be a cementary. Of course it would be good if there'd be lots of funerals. Bad thing is, frequently they only feel joy. So you might try that energy too.



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