Deck of Fates


The Tarot has been used for centuries solely to gain glimpses of the future. Numerous laying  methods have been designed for just that singular purpose. It has now been used for centuries and likely is the mostly used oracle today. Since about 1600 the tarot is available in more or less the current form. It consists of 78 cards, 22 of the Major Arcana and 56 of the Minor Arcana. It is generally assumed that the tarot appeared in Europe around the 14th century.

Similar to the runes the deck can also be used to manipulate the future.

For this it's best to use a deck that you are familiar with. Also you need to have an excellent  understanding of meaning of the cards themselves.

Start with deciding on a laying method that is appropriate for the intent. This can range  from a simple three cards to the High Priestess layout.

Then decide whether you wish to use the whole deck or just the Major  Arcana.

Next select the cards you wish to use according to their meaning and your intent. E.g., in the  three cards layout, the first card represents how the situation came about, the second the  situation as is and the third the desired outcome.

An accompanying ritual text for each card is also to be prepared. This text should state what  is to happen to the target, shouldn't be overly long and neither too vague nor too precise.  The style of the text should be in the usual divining fortune slang.

As usual, you need links to the person that you wish to manipulate. The cards should be laid  around those links during the casting.

Charging the spread

Place the links on your altar and stand comfortably in front of it.

Start with an opening rite of your choice.

The opening should include an energy raising part that fills you with power.

When you feel fully energized, take the selected cards. Place one after the other on their  assigned place around the links. When you lay down a card, recite the text you have prepared  for that card, visualise the intent and channel energy into the visualisation.

When you have laid down the final card and charged it, visualise rays of light coming from  each card to the representation of the target, entering it.

End the ritual in whatever way you wish.




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