High Magick


Modern physics say that everything is made up from the same sort of stuff, ordered chaos if you want.

Somehow I think that this manipulating those tiny molecules themselves by will alone could be an important part of that High Magick stuff Pete Carroll wrote about in Liber Kaos:

"High Magick is that which occurs when there is no impediment to the direct magical effect of will, no barrier to direct clairvoyance and prescience and no separation between the magician and any form of rapport or consciousness he chooses to enter into." From Liber KKK

It would figure: a chaos mage that manipulates the chaos directly and reorders it to his/her will without the use of rites or any other help.

Viewed in that way, the chaos approach would mean to strip down all unnecessary stuff more and more until one can manipulate chaos directly and thereby become an ultimate mage and maybe also raise to a god-like status. God-like status in the sense of there would be no restrictions for the mage.

With experience we see that all parts of traditional magick can be easily discarded. So, maybe at some point one can abandon even sigil/servitor/egregore works for favour of High Magick.

The only question now is how can one attain such a state of pure magick? Traditional paths would be useless, they are just too set in their paths to get a new idea. Constant paradigm shiftings don't take you anywhere either. When you get down to it, you just solve the same problems from a different angle. So the key to do so, would be to continue practising, stripping away ever more help until the mage is able to access Chaos directly.




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