This working is designed to create a protective double of the caster. The simulacrum will draw all sorts of ill effects onto itself sparing you the bother. It can be used if you find yourself in magickal combat with another mage (which rarely occurs) or just to protect you from the usual day to day annoyances.


  • Links to yourself, like clothing, hair, nails, bits of skin, blood, spit, semen, sigil of yourself
  • Material for making the simulacrum, eg clay, paper mache, cloth etc.
  • White or blue candles
  • If you wish you can add some plants with protective attributes too, like garlic or rosemary.
  • Bind rune of Hagalaz, Thurisaz, Gebo, Eiwaz and Elhaz

Get together the material for crafting the simulacrum on your working table.
Ignite the candles
Recite your statement of intent along the line of:

"It's my will to create a simulacrum to protect me from unwanted outside influence"

Start fashioning the simulacrum. Add your links to the material basis. Try to make a good representation of yourself.

The simulacrum is being loaded by the process of fashioning it yourself while the link to you obviously comes through the objects of yourself you lay into it.

When you're finished with the simulacrum assign it to it's task.

"This simulacrum represents me,
created by me, through me and from me
created to absorb unwanted influence from the outside
be it magickal or mundane
With the power of Thurisaz, Hagalaz, Gebo, Eiwaz and Elhaz
(draw the runes and use their stadha)
This is my protection
and my Will be done"

Blow out the candles, perform a banishing if you want and place the simulacrum at a safe place. If you wish you can place it on some altar with a candle.




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