Stones of Power


Through all history, people believed in the magickal power of crystals. We find them in many cults, religions and many lodges. For example there were 12 valuable jewels in the breastplate of a highpriest, the revelation of John uses their symbolism and many initiates, mages and witches used their power.

Occultists who are convinced that elementals exist, attribute the power those crystals have to the gnomes who assumingly created them. Others believe that each kind of stone shares a group soul as a power source. Others yet thought of them as tears of gods or other entities.

Nowadays crystals are shunned by many mages as tools of the fluffy bunny new-agers, but their use should not be under-estimated.

The High Priest lifted his bloodstained hands from the corpse
and dipped them in a silver bowl filled with scented
water. The blood swirled around the rose petals floating
there, darkening them and glistening like oil. A young
acolyte moved to kneel before the King, his hands outstretched
The King leaned forward, placing a large oval stone in his palms.
The stone was red-gold, gleaming like an eldritch lantern,
the black veins shrinking to fine hairlines.
"The blood of the girl will feed many Stones before it fades"

(Wolf in Shadow - David Gemmell)

Crystals make great material bases for servitors and energy storages.

In creating a servitor housed in a crystal and you want to keep it for an unlimited time, you will have to find a energy source that sustains him for that time.
Basically one could say that there are two groups of stones. Those who require sacrifices I like to call Sipstassi or Bloodstones (terms coming from David Gemmells Sipstrassi series) and those who gain their energy from some other external source, here called Dhyrra crystals.

Sipstrassi Bloodstones

The Sipstrassis require a sacrifice from their user so they can sustain their power. The sacrifice here would have to be a real one. Killing some animal bought cheaply just for that purpose won't do, it wouldn't mean anything to the mage (unless of course he or she is one of those tedious fluffy bunnies usually found into playing with halfbaked magickal ideas).
My suggestion would be to use your own blood - since you don't have unlimited supply of it, it is certainly something you part harder with. Or of course, if you are a heavy smoker, you can stop smoking for a specified time (and no, 10 minutes won't be quite enough) like a week or so.

The disadvantage of this method is of course the sacrifice, you always have to charge the crystals.

Dhyrra Crystals

When you create a servitor that should not require givings like the Sipstrassi Stones, I'd suggest using this method. During the creation process, include a vampirc aspect into the servitor.

Great energy sources would be emotions like fear, lust, sorrow, love, joy etc. Select a place where this energy type is most likely to appear. Or of course you can add another feature that instills that emotion in a place.
For example fear could be created by using nightmares. A good place to try this would be some catholic school.

Create a tome of power over your chosen place with the intention of inspiring that emotion. Then set the vampiric aspect of the servitor to collect that energy and store it in the crystal.

With this done, you will just have to wait some time until it is charged enough. If you use for example the energy of fear harvested from nightmares, you will have to wait at least a night - how long you will have to wait depends on how well you did the servitor.

This method is excellent for general purpose servitors that you can use to support your other workings.

Traditional attributes of crystals according to Karl Spiesberger

The problem with those traditional meanings of the crystals assembled by Mr Spiesberger is, that he collected them from various lodges. And one usually contradicted the other, so, personally I wouldn't give much on it. Most agreed on the zodiac and planet however, so you can use that as some sort of guidance eg for loading times etc.

As you can see, most of the positive influences include strength and protection.

Diamond Zodiac: Leo, Aries
Planet: Sun, Saturn
Positive Influence: Success, Victory, Power, Honour, luck in love (sure, if you buy some expensive <g>)
turns bad into good,
Gives you strength, purity, diligence.
Removes evil and anger
Strengthens life force'
Protects from enemies, attacks, lightning.
In magick use it against sorcerous attacks.
Negative Influence: Allegedly hurls someone who shouldn't possess it into ruin.
Runes Ar, Eh
Ruby Zodiac: Leo, Aries, Capricorn
Planet: Sun, Mars, Venus, Pluto
Positive Influence: turns away enemies, makes you liked, luck,
Engery suppliant, strengthens health,
Protects from nightmares
Use it against demonic illusions
Positive effect on magickal experiments
Negative Influence: Effects are reversed if the user doesn't treat the stone right.
Rune: Hagal, Thorn
Sapphire Zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Balance, Aquarius, Piesces, Saggitarius
Planet: Jupiter, Venus, Merkur, Uruanus
Positive Influence: Helps in winning friends, against hate, better imagination
Protects from enemies and demonic influences.
Negative Influence: Looeses its powers if the wearer has no morals.
Rune: Is, Hagal
Emerald: Zodiac: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo
Planet: Moon, Merkur
Positive Influence: Riches, Honour, Love, strengthens memory,
against nightmares, evil eye (curses), reveals the future,
command the elementals with it as focus.
Negative Influence: Wearer must remain faithful for some weird reason.
Rune: Man, Gibor
Agate: Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio
Planet: Sun, Moon, Merkur, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
Positive Influence: wearer becomes irresistable to the other gender, wearer becomes a good talker,
Against curses and demons.
Makes astral traveling easier.
Negative Influence: None given
Rune: Ur, Rit, Ar, Laf
Onyx: Zodiac: Aries, Capricorn
Planet: Moon, Saturn
Positive Influence: Peace of mind, gets rid of low thoughts; gives strength of course
Fortifies your magickal power, commands entities.
Negative Influence: Bringer of sorrow and anger. Demons are drawn to it.
Rune: Not, Man
Opal : Zodiac: Cancer, Balance, Scorpio
Planet: Moon, Neptune
Positive Influence: Luck bringer. Positive effect on divination
Negative Influence: Makes prone to illusions, allegedly the "stone of black magick"
Rune: Gibor





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