Weather Manipulation


Frequently the weather interferes with our plans. Be it heat, rain, snow or storms, nowaday's the weather is often not to our liking.

Here you find a few methods of changing just that.

Changing the weather is usually easier, if you start it early with small changes so that at the specified time the weather is as you desire it. Eg it is way easier to summon a light wind to drive away rainclouds than to remove the storm when it's at it's height.

Here are a couple of suggestions how you can modify the weather to your wishes:

  • Sigil
  • Servitor
  • Visualisation and Astral Magick
  • Representation
  • Focus
  • Gods


To create a sigil would be the easist and quickest option. You only have to create a statement of intent where you declare the desired weather at the desired date. Then sigilise it and charge it.


A general servitor to bring the desired weather would be the best way to go here. Otherwise you'd have to make a servitor for each weather you want. A command like

To change the weather as I wish

usually works well enough.

Sigilise that statement for the core of the servitor. At the creation you can then add more specific things like in what time period it should be done. It should also include an option for how long the weather should stay that way.

Visualisation and Astral Magick

Visualisation is another simple way to get the weather pattern you want. Just get a good picture of how it is now, and then start changing it as you want it to be. You can either do that just with visualisation, or you get on the astral plane and start shoving the clouds around.

For better results you may want to combine this method with a focus.


For this method you need a represantation of the area you want to manipulate, and something that works as the desired weather. Like:

  • a map or a 3D model
  • spray bottle with water for rain
  • torch or candle symbolising the sun
  • hair dryer as wind
  • cotton balls for clouds

Get everything you need in place, enter gnosis and start moving the stuff around as you see fit. Eg if it's been raining heavily for some time, you can represent that on the map with the spray bottle, and you move it away with wind.


A focus that encompases all weather patterns would be best. I'd suggest that you make a disc. In the centre place a sigil with a meaning like that given for the servitor above. Around it place sigils and/or pictures of the weather. You can also add runes and other well known symbols.


If you like to work with entities, I'd suggest asking some gods to help you in changing the weather.

For a list of gods, please check, Hecate's rather huge entity list at Kats Page .




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