The Uses of the Chaostar



The traditional Chaostar is a symbol for unformed power, for magick that is undogmatic and practice oriented.

This star was first seen in Michael Moorcocks "The Eternal Champion" saga. Another variant of the Chaostar can be found in Louise Coopers "Time Master" series. There it is a seven rayed star with an eye in the centre. This seven rayed variant is best used with the belief system of those books.

Our usual 8 rayed Chaostar can be used for various purposes, e.g. as focus, gate or talisman.

This usual form of the Chaostar is quite potential in itself, but wouldn't it be better if we alter it for different purposes? Wouldn't we get better results?

The usual form of the star is symmetric. All rays have the same length. The rays should get a centred direction in which the spell is to work.

Here are some examples:

Attack spells

For attack spells the Chaostar could be formed like a shuriken, perhaps even with some hooks. Another form could be that of an arrow where one ray becomes the point and the other seven the barbed hooks.


In the centre of the shuriken you could add a sigil of your choosing, as well in the arrowhead of the second example. You best use it in visualisation. Imagine as the star strikes the target.

Healing spells

Here, the star should become a sort of magnet that draws the illness into itself. The points of the rays should now be attached to the circle instead of pointing away from it. Here it is a good idea to use it as a material base, preferably wood. After the healing that material base should be burned. For bringing inner harmony or balance, the traditional Chaostar works best.

Inverted Chaostar


For protection, the rays could be formed reflective, like bowls.




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