Creation of a Personal Divination Set


This is a working to create your own personal divination set. Since it will be you who created it, it will work best for you, maybe even better than other, traditional systems. And it is easily expandable. If you forgot something you can add it at a later time.

First you get together a list of words you want to have in your system, like trust, creativity, failure etc. Use your own judgement as to how many cards you want (either choose at random or pick a number as you see fit from various numerological systems).

Next create a sigil from each word. Either by the usual way of removing all repeating letters or using the second method I gave at my Sigilisation page.

Then meditate upon each sigil with their meaning as mantra. Do some brain-storming to get together their meaning. You'd best do no more than one sigil on a day. Take time to reflect upon it, you might have to change the sigla a couple of times until you're satisfied with them. The sigil upside down would naturally mean the opposite.

After you've finished with the creation of the sigla and their meaning, you can begin with creating your set. Choose what you think is best: cards, stones, pieces of wood etc. Each piece should have the same size. Draw or engrave the sigla on them and colour them as you think best. You can also add various symbols you think corresponds with the meaning of the sigil. As before, you should do no more than one at a day.

When you've finished all cards, perform a rite to bind them together. Tell them their general purpose etc.




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