Kaos Magick Chaostar


Sigil Magick

Sigils An introduction to the creation of sigils
Sigil Charging A few ways to charge sigils
Zos Kia An introduction to the magick of Austion Osman Spare
Chaotic Runes Creation of your personal rune set - nothing to do with the norse runes but your own Alphabet of Desire
Divination Set Creation of your personal divination set - with your Alphabet of Desire
Gnosis Planting the magickal seed
Googlemancy Creating sigils by use of Google


General Purpose Servitor A ritual to create a GP servitor
Dream Manipulation A servitor creation ritual to manipulate the dreams of others
Yo Sodoth An egregore creation to get rid of unwanted people
Planning a Servitor How to plan ahead for the creation of a servitor

Chao Ritual and other Writings

The Speaking of the Way An opening ritual evoking the energies of Chaos
Ice Magick Reports on Ice Magick compiled from writings of Pete Carroll, Fra. V.D. and a member of the German IOT
Chaostar The various uses of the Chaostar
The Colours of Magick The Eight forms of Magick on the Chaostar

Graphics and Sigils

Strength The Strength Tarot card for the Z(Tarot) II
Animated Chaostar An animated chaostar
Chaostar Crystal Chaostar
Change A sigil of change
Search A sigil for searching


Reyn til Runa

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