Chaotic Runemagick


As you know, your own rites and systems always work better than the ones you copied from some ancient books. Likewise it is with the Runes. So, why not create your own Rune set? The positive thing about it is, that you can always add or subtract something from it.

You create it similar to my Your Own Divination Set. First you get together a list of words you need for day to day magick. For example if you want to go unnoticed, include a word for this. Add also some verbs.

The next step is the sigilisation of that words. I'd recommend not to sigilise more than one or two a day. The second method on my Sigil magick page works better than the traditional "strike any repeated letters and form picture" method.

You get into your trained asana and invite the sub-consciousness. Then you present it the word and ask it to create a sigil, what that word would represents for it, for you.

Copy all your created Runes down. You should also create a mantra for them.

For spells, get together a couple of Runes, form a bind Rune (or if that is impossible for the complexion of the Runes) write them in one line in some grammatical order and charge them.

You could create a talisman, depending on the amount of Runes either ring, bracelet or pendant (if you get a belt I guess it's too complex <g>). And invoke each Rune by it's name and power (similar to servitor creation) and add that they are to be activated at utterance of their mantra.

For best results, learn those Runes as well as that 10 finger typing system. As in typing, you will get better results when you do it unconsciously. Remember, when you try to remember where the keys are, you get the most typing mistakes!




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