The Speaking of the Way


This rite is intended as an opening rite and to charge yourself with energy of raw Chaos. The original can be found in Louise Coopers Chaos Gate Trilogy, where the mage opens the Chaos Gate to let the gods of Chaos back into the realm of mortals. It has been adapted by me as an opening formula and to open a way to Chaos to summon a Vortex.

You need:

An eight rayed star, resembling a Vortex with a closed eye in the centre to concentrate upon.

The Rite:

Stand in the circle, arms outstreched and intone:

Hear me, o you Princes of Chaos,
Hear me, you creators and contenders,
You Lords of Chaos,
I am of you and yet not of you,
I am flesh and yet I am spirit,

The Way is long and the Way is old,
And the Way is the Way of Power,
I am chosen and I am willing,

With the feet that are my flesh, I walk between dimensions
And I shall Speak the Way,
With the hands that are my flesh, I reach out across the Abyss
And I shall Speak the Way,
With the eyes that are the windows of my soul, I look from realm into realm
And I shall Speak the Way,
The locks of Time are shattered and the bars of Space are burned to ashes
Come you Lords of Chaos

Start imagining a Vortex to start to open above you. Feel the wind of its forces blowing ever stronger.

I will walk with you on the Way
And I will reach you on the Way
And I will gaze upon you on the Way
As it was before me it shall be again

Hear me, hear me, and let the seal be broken!
I Speak the Way and the Way is open!

Imagine a Vortex to open fully above you and a smaller version of it above your heart.
Imagine as lightning strikes out of that huge Vortex and connects with the one just above your heart. Feel the energy flowing into you.




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