Sigil Charging


Here are some techniques you can use to charge sigla. You may remember early typing lessons, where you had to type the same word all over (asdf etc.) for a whole page. This method can be easily adapted for sigil magick.
Create your statement of intent - preferably a short one. Start your text program and begin to type the mantra over and over. At some point your consciousness will shut down and the sigil will be planted

Create a mantra of your wish and record it on your PC. Then set a loop to it, so that it repeats again and again. Record this loop on a tape. Get your walkman, set it to lower volume and get to sleep. The wish will be planted while you sleep.

Get a screensaver that is able to include the pictures you want. It might be good too, if it can display two or more pictures. One would be your sigil, the other(s) whatever you prefer. Set it up, so that the sigil will be only visible for split seconds, thus you won't consciously see it. There are also some savers available out there, that can include wav files. Use them to include your mantra.

There are some 3D games available that use your pictures as textures. A plus would be if the game is truly imersive and makes you want to play it for quite some time.

Smoke an extremely strong cigarette in about one minute (not the King Size - get proper ones - yep, the 100's) and then close your eyes and visualise the sigil.




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