Yo Sodoth


Yo Sodoth is an entity that was created in Summer 2001 by me using the energy of a crowd during a concert.
His purpose is to get rid of undesired people in your direct vicinity.

I've played around with the idea for quite a while, but never got around to create Yo Sodoth. During the concert I was pissed at some guys who where too keen on close body contact. I then decided that it was time to get Yo Sodoth online and fast.

The basic concept like sigil, holy sign, name and purpose were already long worked out, so it was just down to creating him. I collected the energy created by the masses in the concert and shaped it to what became Yo Sodoth. Gnosis was easily attained by the music.


Yo Sodoth appears to be 3 m tall, his black skin looks metallic. There are blades and spikes coming out all over his body at impossible angles. His
eyes glow in a dark red.


Yo Sodoth

Holy Sign:

Make a fist and extend your middle finger. What else :)

Summon him by calling his name, while visualising his sigil and giving the holy sign. He will then appear on you, covering you completely.




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