Deleting Believes


Merging and Dissolving

Some believes might have disappeared if you did the Inner Universe list that is shown here. In this essay you'll find some more effective methods to get rid of unwanted believes. What you will not find however is the all too frequently used, published and cherished "positive thoughts" method as it is usually fails. The root of the problem of positive thoughts is that while the practitioner may consciously think positive, he fails to eradicate the source thought which is the exact opposite and will manifest.

It is far better to find the source thought and use the energy of the negative rather than to deny it. Analyse the belief and find out in what way it affects you both negatively and positively. Dissolve your resistance and dive into the source thought of the belief to free the bound energy.

Meditate on the belief.
Emotion is attached to your thoughts, focus on it.

Feel it and identify yourself completely with it.
What are you feeling? What are you aware of? What is happening within your body?

Loose yourself in the emotion.
What are you really feeling? Where are you feeling it? What visual image is coming to you during the meditation? Find something definable you can grasp, something with a form, be it a picture, an animal, a colour or any object at all. How does it fit your feeling? Distill the emotion to its finest form. When you have found it, merge with it completely. Itensify it and let it fill you. Remove all resistance and dive in, do not resist that which arises.

Question yourself, can you let it go?
Find yourself as the watcher behind the emotion. Notice the difference between all that is you and the emotion. Meditate on that difference and why you should let it go.

Question yourself, will you let it go and when?
Ask yourself whether you are really willing to let the belief go. If you find resistance, you are still bound somewhere. Usually it is just because you are so used to the paradigm. Search deeper to find what is still binding you to the belief until you reach the point where you can say that you will let it go.

Let it go
When you are ready, let it go, set the feeling free as if you'd be dropping an object. It has no more use for you. Feel the freed up energy coursing through you.

This works for emotions, believes and thoughtforms.


Take an unwanted paradigm and ask yourself:

Is it real, is it true?
See the belief from a different point of view. See the difference between reality and your wishes.

Is it possible that I truly know it? Is it possible that it would be better if this paradigm would be true?
This question serves to further the doubt.

What purpose serves the paradigm? What do I gain by its useless wishful thinking?
This provokes negative association and emotion.

What would I feel if I wouldn't adhere to it?
This switches your point of view to one where you banished the belief. It will not serve to delete them completely however.

How would I have to change that paradigm so it represents reality?
Here you transform the belief, here you check whether the new one is more realistic, truer or at least more useful to you.

Intentional Revival

Again, pick a belief you wish to delete and write it down. Now use affirmation to intentionally create it. By intentionally creating what you do not want, you gain control over it. Repeat it during the day for a couple of times until you feel it being true for you. Enhance it and make it larger than life. The mind tries to avoid pain, and with the mind realising how painful the belief can be, it will willingly let go.

Breaking Resistance

Choose something you wish to meditate on, be it relationship, career, health or wealth etc.

Analyse what your current situation is, be completely honest.

Next think of what kind of feeling you want to create for what you are meditating on and make a list of what you would like to feel.

Now make a list of all the reasons why you would NOT want what you are meditating on. Why shouldn't you have that which you wish to manifest? What costs and sacrifices would be necessary to gain it? Whom or what are you not prepared to forgive? Why do you fear getting it?

Delete what is hindering you. Relive the old habits, paradigms and experiences completely. Here you can use the first method given on this page.

When you have done that, accept that you had that beliefe and forgive yourself for having had it.

Then replace the old with other believes which usually are the reverse of the earlier ones.

For the actual creation ask yourself what the highest essence of that which you wish to manifest would be and connect to that by full visualisation (use all senses: see it, hear it, taste it, feel it) until you feel its energy rising in you.

Meditate on how you can realise this essence in your life today and when you have finished that, visualise exactly what you want in full detail and grant it, relax into it and revel in the fact that this is the way it is.



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