Modern satanic or setian philosophy can be summarised in one single word:  Xeper.

Xeper, pronounced "Khepher" means "becoming" or "coming into being".  Frequently it is misunderstood as "Become!", Xeper however is an  absolute, it happens by itself, no matter what the mage does. It is the  eternal becoming, the inevitable change. Xeper reveals the energy of consciousness under the dominion of time.

The goal of the Satanist is to be part of Xeper, to direct his becoming  with his will. If he fails to do that, he is guided. The Satanist  identifies himself with the will of Seth and this will is to come into  being, not to be guided by external forces.

Xeper is free of value, neutral. Every self-consciousness is a constant becoming, but what it becomes depends on the will. Xeper therefore is capable of infinite possibilities, it's an exploding singularity. While it's not necessary nor even possible for the Satanist to know all directions in which he can grow it is necessary for him to know what he wants to achieve, what he wants to bring into being. The direction in which he steers should be defined in great detail and well thought out.  Change in one level can bring unanticipated change in others which can oppose the original direction. So the result could be an aggravation
instead of an improvement. Divination should be used as a means to gain advice in such endeavours. Keep in mind that if one path is taken,  another one will close.

Xeper has no end, the practitioner must control frequently whether the effect of the willed and manifested change corresponds with his existence. Thus he must be extremely flexible and able to work with open concepts. Keep in mind that fixed and closed concepts or systems are incapable of growth, so they can only be used as long as they are useful and then must be discarded without regret.

When you walk the path of Xeper, you can't stand still indefinitely to revel in what you have achieved, it is a constant way forward. The way  never is backwards. There is no  return to simplicity. The way is the  vastening of life. The  deepening into new forms and possibilities that we call evolution.

Xepera Xeper Xeperu

I have come into being
and by the process of my coming Into being
the process of coming into being is established



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