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Occult Forums Advice on Evocation and Invocation
Magickal Pair An eclectic Wiccan site. We offer tons of information about Wicca, a full Book of Shadows
Ancient Egypt List of Egyptian Gods
List of Gods Huge list of gods of various pantheons
Major Gods of the World Mythology - Gods and Goddesses
Norse Mythology Norse mythology, Scandinavian mythology, Viking mythology
Greek Mythology Mythweb, Gods and Heroes Encyclopedia
Choronzon Kats' encyclopedia of gods and demons
Mythological Deities Egyptian Gods
Gods and Goddesses List of Gods of numerous pantheons: Norse, Roman, Greek, Celtic, Japanese, Irish and Welsh
List of Gods 2 Another list of numerous gods
Norse Pantheon The gods of the Norse
Celtic Gods List of Celtic Gods
Mona Magick Resources List of deities and demons


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