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Choronzon Site contains depictions & descriptions of acts including, but not restricted to vampires, sex, violence, drug abuse, and the occult. May contain nuts.
Sanguinarius The Vampire Support Page. Support and information for real vampires, blood drinkers, and vampiric people seeking support, help, guidance, answers, etc. Not RPG-oriented. Has guide, tips, articles, forums, resources, links directory, community calendar, chat, much more!
Vampiric Studies This page serves as an introduction to the world of Real Vampires. Classes are provided to promote better understanding between the human and Vampiric natures.
Vampire Reality Vampyre FAQ
The Scarlet Moon Vampire Resources
Drink Deeply and Dream Drink Deeply and Dream: The Reality of the Modern-Day Vampire. Support and information for real vampires, seekers,
and curious. All welcome.
Noctemeron Homepage of Fra. Mordor, writer of the "Buch Noctemeron", a vampire history. German only.
Dark Vampires Vampire Link list.


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