The Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil

The Upper World
Realm Entity Description


Heimdall Realm of the Aesir, the rulers, warriors, judges, poets and mages. This realm is attributed with rationality, law, inspiration, intuition and transformation, the basis of human consciousness.
Vanaheim Freyr Realm of the Vanir. This is the realm of natural cycles, production, regeneration, health, well being and shamanistic magick.
Liosalfheim Delling, Frei Realm of the Light Elves and higher spirits of nature. Here rest the demi-gods and honoured ancestors. It reflects intellectual structures.
The Middle World
Muspelheim Surtr Realm of the Fire Giants. The dimension of cosmic fire, one of the forces out of which the universe was formed and from which it gains nourishment.
Midgard Thor Realm of humans. The realm that is influenced by all others.
Niflheim Nidhögg Realm of the dragon Nidhögg. The dimension of cosmic ice, which in interaction with Muspelheim is responsible for continued existence.
The Underworld
Svartalfheim Modsognir Realm of the dwarves and Dark Elves. This, like Liosalfheim is a world of demi-gods and ancestors. This realm is governed by the form-giving forces.


Thrym Realm of the Giants. This is the realm of primal power, the undirected, unstructured forces of chaos, the un-consciousness.
Hel Hel The Realm of the Dead. Here Death is manifested as the power of decay, dissolution and disintegration. Here the dead find a resting place so they can prepare for a new incarnation.


The nine worlds



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