Eh byth for eorlum
aethelinga wyn,
hors hofum wlanc,
dhaer him haeleth ymbe
welege on wicgum
wrixlath spraece
and bith unstyllum
aefre frofur.


Aett Tiwaz' aett, under the god Tyr. Man as social being, spiritual growth, community in which he lives and works, human evolution, Ragnarök
Meaning Horse, movement, advancement, harmonic duality, the vehicle to travel through the beyond, fertility, trust, loyalty, rightful marriage, divine twins, unity of body and mind
Name Rune Handles himself well in communications, acts with care, loyal and good partner both private and in business, able to make allies of different factions, yearns for harmony, lacks self criticism, fears failure


Letter E
Number 19
Element Earth
Tarot Lovers, Mage, Star
Colour White, green
Gods Freyja, Freyr, Ostara
Magickal Sphere Sex magick (silver/purple in the chaosphere)
World Asgard - Muspelheim
Aura Calming, sleep inducing sphere
Animal Horse
Chakra Throat Centre
This is the chakra located in the throat and is thus related to communication and creativity. Here we experience the world symbolically through vibration, such as the vibration of sound representing language.
Virtue Equality, loyality, slavish
Astrology Gemini, Aquarius
Time 19th hour
Day Tuesday
Month December
Festivity Spring equinox

Magickal Use

Positive Use Helps in astral travels through the worlds, project power, swiftness, promotes trust and loyalty, projects energy/power on targets, harmonising of partnerships, mental clarity, certainty to the will, harmonising internal masculine/feminine energies, harmonising emotional and sexual relationships, controlling reactions, enhancing close external co-operative functioning, gaining internal spiritual guidance, swift journeys
Negative Use Destroy trust and loyalty, disharmony, frozen harmony, shallowness, loss of self, inactivity, empty hope, will without action, uncertainty, doubt, disrupting harmony of internal masculine and feminine energies, rupturing relationships, causing strife in teams, blocking internal guidance, fettering journeys, disorientation
Protection Prevent complacence, protect in astral travels, problems in teamwork
Healing Problems in acclimatization, balance to body and mind, harmony, good for joints
Talisman Grants loyalty and trust, promotes divination skill, harmony in private life and in business
Divination Bright :
Harmony, teamwork, loyalty, working together for a common goal, marriage, partnership, trust, complementary forces, telepathic link, internal guidance, sensuality, fertility, close cooperation, relationships, peace, sympathy, journey, prophecy

Murk :
Duplication, disharmony, mistrust, betrayal, shallowness, frozen thoughts, loss of self, discrepancy between will and action, duplication of effort, deceit, unplanned voyage

Stadha Stand erect, legs closed, left arm and hand in an 45° angle down to your side, right arm and hand in an 45° angle raised to the side



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