That kann ek idh sextanda,
ef ek vil ins svinna mans
hafa gedh alt ok gaman:
hugi ek hverfi
hvitarmri konu,
ok sny ek hennar öllum sefa.

Yr er vetrgrönstr vidha;
vant er, er brennr, at svidha.

Yr er bendr bogi
ok brotgjarnt jarn
ok fifu farbauti.
arcus. Ynglingr.

Eoh byth utan
unsmethe treow,
heard hrusan faest,
hyrde fyres,
wyrtrumun underwrethyd,
wyn on ethle.


Aett Hagalaz' Aett, under the god Odin. Gives insight to the dependency of unforeseen events but also of hope.
Meaning Yggdrasil, vertical cosmic axis, divine initiation, life/death, endurance, protection, initiation into the mysteries of life and death, realisation of the illusion of matter, spiritual creativity, vision, willpower
Name Rune Follows well his own impulse, disciplined, can assess situations, libidinal, might give up too soon, beware from abuse


Letter Ei, Y
Number 13
Element Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Tarot Hanged One, Tower
Colour Dark blue, green
Gods Odin, Ullr
Magickal Sphere Wealth magick (blue in the chaosphere), love magick (green in the chaosphere)
World Svartalfheim, Niflheim - Svartalfheim
Aura Branches and leaves that conceal
Animal Bee, Snake
Chakra -
Virtue Industrious, arduous, narrow-minded
Astrology Pluto, Mars
Time 13th hour
Day Sunday
Month May
Festivity Winter Solstice

Magickal Use

Positive Use Initiation to the wisdom of the world-tree, realisation of the secrets of life and death, removing fear of death, promotion of endurance and strength of will, creativity and vision, strengthening of body, communication between different levels of reality, remembrance of former existences, gate to other worlds, gathering information from the underworld, rebirth, contentedness, spiritual protection, unlocking the individual and collective unconscious, connecting with the superconscious, psychic flexibility, emotional endurance, exploring alternate realities
Negative Use Weakening, disorientation, discontent, at ones' mercy, weak willed, lack of discipline, lack of endurance, poisons the mind, destruction, death, causing retreat from life trials, amplifying spiritual vulnerability, evoking painful repressed memories, invoking fear of death, neurotic tendencies, fettering of evolutionary drive
Protection Offers protection from destructive powers, destroys illusions, against betrayal, beguilement, cheating and infatuation, protection from unwanted influences
Healing Promotes clear prognosis, enhances psychical and physical resistances, will to live
Talisman Brings success, helping in seductions
Divination Bright :
Enlightenment, endurance, initiation, protection, strength , unconscious drive, conscious purpose, motivation, numinous awakening, strengthened will, awareness of other realities, psychic and spiritual expansion through practice, revelation and vision, protection from chaotic forces, magick, flexibility, mysticism

Murk :
Confusion, destruction, dissatisfaction, weakness, betrayal, lack of discipline, retreat from trials, fear of death, being held back by self defeating thoughts, neurosis, loss of flexibility, misdirected goals, gullibility

Stadha Stand erect, both arms levelled down in front of you in an angle of roughly 50°, lift the left lower leg in the same angle.



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