Eohl secg eard haefth
oftust on fenne
wexedh on wature
wundath grimme,
blode brenedh
beorna gehwylcne
dhe him aenigne
onfeng gedeth.


Aett Hagalaz' Aett, under the god Odin. Gives insight to the dependency of unforeseen events but also of hope.
Meaning Protection, freezing, life, Bifröst - the rainbow bridge, path made of branches and roots, connection between men and gods, bow, defense, swanfeather cloak of the valkyries
Name Rune Works well with like minded people, finds the best ways to success, provident with family, considers advice from others, can  listen, insightful


Letter Z
Number 15
Element Air
Tarot Moon, Devil
Colour Gold
Gods Heimdal, Valkyries
Magickal Sphere Pure magick (octarin in the chaosphere), ego magick (yellow in the chaosphere)
World Liosalfheim - Jötunheim
Aura Menacing spears
Animal Elk
Chakra -
Virtue Boldness, insightful, unrealistic
Astrology Cancer, Capricorn
Time 15th hour
Day Saturday
Month February
Festivity Imbolc

Magickal Use

Positive Use Protection, defence, communication with other beings, access to the wells of Mimir and Hvergelmir, strengthening of magickal power and life-force, access cosmic sub-consciousness, enlargement of personal space of action, enhances attraction of luck, energy and wisdom, connecting with higher beings, shielding, enhancing precognitive ability, channelling power of the higher realms into self, accelerating self healing, creating sanctuary, enlisting benefactors
Negative Use Failure, collapse, weakening through misuse, reduction, isolation, agony, disconnecting the link to the divine, invoking defencelessness, dulling of foresight, invoking the energy of the three lower realms, causing death, removing support, inciting betrayal
Protection THE rune for protection
Healing For relaxation, pacification, raising vital energies
Talisman Bringer of luck, wealth and prosperity
Divination Bright :
Connection with the divine, awakening, higher life, protection, prosperity , expansion, spiritual guidance, protective force, comfort, willed communication with entities, knowledge of what is right, increase of magickal power, support from benefactors

Murk :
Hidden danger, consumption by divine forces, loss of divine link, loneliness, loss, weakening, hidden danger from chaotic forces, fall from grace, consumption by archetypal psychic forces, loss due to lack of preparation, betrayal by supporters, endings

Stadha Stand erect, legs closed, arms are raised at an angle of roughly 45°



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