Fe vaeldr fraenda roge
födhesk ulfr i skoge

Fe er fraenda rog
ok flaedar viti
ok grafseidhs gata.
aurum. fylkir

Feoh byth frofur
fira gehwylcum
sceal dheah manna gehwyle
mielun hyt daelan
gif he wile for drihtne
domes hleotan


Aett Fehus' Aett, under the god Frey. Creation of stable life, material possession, wealth and protection from enemies.
Meaning Movable property, cattle, money, power, energy, creativity, fertility, the power of the primal fire that resides in every being, kundalini, source of sexual power, becoming
Name Rune Ambitious, strives for success and a good position. What was started must be finished, balance between self-development and material success, generous.


Letter F
Number 1
Element Fire
Tarot Tower, Mage
Colour fire red
Gods Frigg, Freyja, Freyr, Ostara
Magickal Sphere Combat Magick (red in the chaosphere)
World Midgard, Midgard - Vanaheim
Aura To create a protective aura of  menacing sharp horns
Animal Boar
Chakra -
Virtue Generous, wasteful
Astrology Taurus, Capricorn
Time 1st Hour
Day Thursday
Month September
Festivity Summer Solstice

Magickal Use

Positive Use Raising and fortifying strength/power,  project and direct force, drawing of projective powers of the sun, moon and the stars in your personal sphere, furthers your personal and social development, financial gain, creation, attracting aid, attracting wealth, erotic stimulation, increasing psychic powers
Negative Use Lack, weakening, impotence, destruction, breaking of spirit, dullness, create fear, incapability of action, blocking help, attracting poverty, creating greed, damning libido, causing lassitude, undermining psychic abilities, blocking magick
Protection protect and multiply your wealth. Defence against unwanted influences
Healing Fortifying life energy, mental activity - against melancholy, fever
Talisman Talismans against financial loss, to gain finances and other material wealth
Divination Bright :
Social Success, Wealth Energy, Foresight, New Beginning, Harmony, Good Business Relationship, Desire fulfilled , creation, increase, movement, increase of prosperity, control, fertility, activation, growth, psychic drive, motivation, erotic stimulation, esoteric knowledge, financial activities, ambition, status, generosity, sharing

Murk :
Greed, Burnout, Atrophy, Poverty, Discord, destruction, decrease, restriction, lack of will power, broken spirit, lassitude, failure, loss, missuse of power, aggression, selfishness, hoarding.

Stadha Both arms raised in front of you, left arm slightly higher than the right, fingers point upward and palms point forward



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