Gyfu gumena byth
gleng and herenys
wrathu and wyrthscype
and wraecna gehwam
ar and aetwist,
dhe byth othra leas


Aett Fehus' Aett, under the god Frey. Creation of stable life, material possession, wealth and protection from enemies.
Meaning Gift, hospitality, generosity, exchange between man and god, gift of the gods, ecstasy, sacrifice, sex magick, harmony between lovers, magick power, shaping your own destiny
Name Rune Can work with others well, harmonic, finds balance between giving and taking, strives for the well being of all, fears conflicts


Letter G
Number 7
Element Air
Tarot Lovers, Sun
Colour Deep blue
Gods Freyja, Odin
Magickal Sphere Wealth Magick (blue in the chaosphere)
World Asgard, Midgard - Svartalfheim
Aura 3dimensional turning crosses
Animal Pig, owl
Chakra -
Virtue Generosity, friendly, brash
Astrology Sun, Neptune
Time 7th hour
Day Thursday
Month February
Festivity Autumn Equinox

Magickal Use

Positive Use Sexual magick, mystical union, increase of magickal powers, harmony between lovers, obtaining wisdom and knowledge, union with higher powers, reconciliation, advancing love and wealth, counteracting ill will, attracting generosity, contracting unions, increasing harmony, acquiring wisdom of expectation and reward, increasing influence, enhancing sex magick, personal warding
Negative Use Blockade, divisiveness, avarice, jealousy, malevolence, failing, deprivation, inhospitality, disharmony, quarrels, inhibition, inciting ill will, generating meanness, disrupting contractual arrangements, evoking disharmony, stimulating non-discrimination of cause and effect, causing loss of favour, sexual domination
Protection Against avarice, protect wealth, against malevolence and torpor
Healing Opening of chakras, removing blockades, free thinking, sexual organs
Talisman Inner and outer wealth, love
Divination Bright :
Gift, giving, generosity, magickal exchange, honour, sacrifice, union, success, abundance, binding force, partnerships, loving exchange, magickal force, personal relationship, contracts, sexual union, charities, marriage, hospitalities, feasts

Murk :
Influence buying, greed, loneliness, dependence, over-sacrifice, failure, collapse, discord, conflict, manipulation, subserviance, loss, depression, generosity detrimental to self, loss of favour

Stadha Stand erect, legs spread wide, arms raised and spread



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