Hagall er kaldastr korna;
Hroptr skop häimenn forna.

Hagall er kaldakorn
ok krapadrifa
ok snaka sott
grando. hildingr.

Haegl byth nearu on breostan
hwyrft hit of heofones lyfte,
wealcath hit windes scura
weortheth hit to waetere sydhdhan.


Aett Hagalaz' Aett, under the god Odin. Gives insight to the dependency of unforeseen events but also of hope.
Meaning Hailstone, ice, primal seed of life, Ymir, egg, cosmic pattern, perfection, achievement of equilibrium of opposing forces, evolution, potential of development, success in enterprises, banishing of alien influences, active defense, protection from attacks and catastrophes, sealing of spaces, the cosmic egg that contains all patterns
Name Rune Filled with a natural authority, sees structures and own role clearly, able to analyse, sees importance of little things within the whole, able to change the whole by miniscule manipulation, beware self isolation, cold-heartedness and losing oneself in details


Letter H
Number 9
Element Air, water
Tarot Universe, Chariot
Colour Grey, light blue
Gods Hel, Nehelennia
Magickal Sphere Death magick (black in the chaosphere), Wealth magick (blue in the chaosphere)
World Helheim, Muspelheim - Helheim
Aura Impenetrable hailstorm
Animal Otter
Chakra -
Virtue Revenge, balanced, apathic
Astrology Uranus, cancer
Time 9th hour
Day Wednesday
Month April
Festivity Samhain

Magickal Use

Positive Use Balancing of forces, mystical and divine experience and knowledge, for development and evolution, protection, works against disharmony, advances continuing processes, to free oneself from deadlocked situations, gives strength, rich flourishing, development of new possibilities, security, harmonic structure, fertility, counteracting hatred, protection from unexpected attacks, evoking comfort during crisis, smooth transitions between events, stimulating mystical experience, developing insight into evolution, exorcising, warding from hail, flood and winterstorms, control of elemental water and wind
Negative Use Destruction, freezing of feelings, catastrophe, aloofness, freezing, congealing of structures, deadlock, energetic standstill, infertility
Protection Protects from disharmony, natural catastrophes, seals spaces against unwanted influences, desolation, freezing, energetic stagnancy, dead perfection, stopping of evolution and development, destroyed seed, infertility, neutralises incoming energy
Healing Advances equilibrium of psyche and soul, opens comprehension for developments, balances body and mind, helps self-healing, disposes of interferences, assigned to blood circulation
Talisman For all kinds of prospering, defence from catastrophes, be it natural or personal
Divination Bright :
Change according to ideals, controlled crisis, completion, inner harmony, transformation, new beginnings , evolutionary change, lessons learned, seed of all potential, controlled crisis, completion according to plan, internal harmonisation

Murk :
Catastrophe, crisis, stagnation, loss of power, destruction, natural disruption, situation beyond control, abandonment of goals, unlearnt lessons, financial ruin, disaster

Stadha Half kneeing, right leg forward, knee in a 90° angle, right arm rests on right thigh with the elbow angled close to 90°, forearm and palm face upwards



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