Ing waes aerest
mid East-Denum
gesewen secgun,
oth he sidhdhan est
ofer waeg gewat;
waen aefter ran;
dhus Heardingas
dhone haele nemdun.


Aett Tiwaz' aett, under the god Tyr. Man as social being, spiritual growth, community in which he lives and works, human evolution, Ragnarök
Meaning Potential energy, time of growth and maturing, perfection, accomplishment, enhancement, new beginning, the god Ing, earth god, conservation of energy, sudden release of energy
Name Rune Competent businessman, inborn talent to know the right time, can relish the simple things in life, plans well in the long term, patient enough to reach his goals in small and slow steps, beware loss of sense of reality, getting stuck in routines, loss of faith


Letter Ng
Number 22
Element Water and Earth
Tarot Justice, Emperor
Colour Yellow, green
Gods Freyr (Ing, Yngvi)
Magickal Sphere Love magick (green in the chaosphere), Ego magick (yellow in the chaosphere)
World Vanaheim, Vanaheim - Svartalfheim
Aura Sends out impulses that remind of early childhood and detracts thereby attention
Animal Bear, eagle owl
Chakra -
Virtue Industrious, canny, considerate, lethargic
Astrology Jupiter, New Moon
Time 22nd hour
Day Thursday
Month September
Festivity Beltaine

Magickal Use

Positive Use Conservation and transformation of energy, fertility rites, concentration of energy, sudden release of energy, collecting the powers of runes within ingwaz and releasing it with ingwaz' withdrawal, magick mirror for seeing and projection, binding, strengthens knot-magick, conserving the power of bind-runes, awakening hidden strength, active inner growth, patience, fertility, reflection, dampening of exaggerated power, storing power for future use, creating a magickal mirror
Negative Use Loss of sense for reality, paralysis, infertility, blind action, absorption of energy, binding some ones energy, regress, unreasonableness, dysfunctional development, impatience, fettering the use of stored power, binding other spells, stimulating male lust, spying on others, blocking access to spiritual sanctuary
Protection Secure phases of development, protect new beginnings, well developing pregnancy, against dysfunctional evolution
Healing Calms, against panic and hyperactivity, autism, all bodily growth, for disturbances in development and growth, against infertility - also if it's psychological
Talisman For fertility, advancing processes, passive meditation to concentrate energy, activation of inner growth
Divination Bright :
Rest stage, internal growth, gestation, patience, fertility, contemplation, new beginning, enhancement, stored power, centering of energy, release of energy, self-replenishment, expectations, passive waiting for right moment, nurturing, conscious withdrawal

Murk :
Impotence, scattering, movement without change, blind action, impatience, dysfunctional development, autism, paralysis, self-absorption, disassociation from objective reality, dissipation of energy, wasted emotion and energy, repetitious action without evolution, not learning from mistakes, avoidance of maturation, waste of potential, vulnerability, cut of from natural cycles

Stadha Stand erect, legs closed, fingertips on each other above the head, elbows to the sides



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