Is kollum bru bräitha;
blindan tharf at läitha.

Iss er arbörkr
ok unnar thak
ok feigra manna far.
glacies. jöfurr.

Is byth oferceald,
ungemetum slidor,
glysnath laeshluttur
gimmum gelicust,
flor forste geworuht,
faeger ansyne


Aett Hagalaz' Aett, under the god Odin. Gives insight to the dependency of unforeseen events but also of hope.
Meaning World-Ice, anti-matter, concentration, ego, ice, attraction, gravity, inactivity, freezing, iron, regeneration, inner light, I, will, power of the spirit, personal power, banishing, self-control, control of others, the symbolic black hole into which all energy disappears
Name Rune Able to concentrate on work, sharp perception, sees hidden interrelation, able to manipulate surroundings, strong sense for order and cleanliness, closed-minded


Letter I
Number 11
Element Water, ice
Tarot Hermit
Colour White, black
Gods Frost giants, Ymir, Verdandi
Magickal Sphere Death magick (black in the chaosphere), Sex magick (purple/silver in the chaosphere)
World Jötunheim, Jötunheim - Helheim
Aura Smooth, gleaming, cold, white, hard sphere
Animal Ice bear
Chakra -
Virtue Loyalty, self-controlled, cold
Astrology Saturn, Virgo
Time 11th hour
Day Tuesday
Month January
Festivity Winter Solstice

Magickal Use

Positive Use Development of concentration and willpower, controlling and banishing of unwanted dynamic forces, integration of the I into a balanced system, control of other beings, create regenerating stillness, cohesion, can be used to stabilize bindrunes but also to neutralise, stabilising of individual consciousness, consolidating ego integrity, respect and support, halting unwanted stimulation or attention, shielding in all environments, amplifying concentration and willpower, breaking inertia, controlling spirits
Negative Use Draining of energy, failed change, hebetudes, blindness, weak will, dazzlement, bad planning, loss, deficiency, destabilising internal integrity, invoking self-absorption and loathing, attracting unwanted attention and treachery, placing in danger through loss of perception, fettering by delusion, sending hauntings
Protection Protect from freezing influences, banishing, to bind and dissipate energy
Healing Calms agitated or heated minds, dampens hyperactivity, can revive dormant life-forces, psyche, head, neural system and body fluids
Talisman Support will, luck-bringer, controlling others
Divination Bright :
Concentrated self, the ego, consciousness, self-control, unity, cohesion, formation of personality, ego-awareness, unity of purpose, concentrated will, withdrawal into self, ability to influence others, realisation of self-worth, control of others by willpower

Murk :
Ego-mania, dullness, blindness, dissipation, failed change, weak will, bad planning, loss, lack of incluence, total self-absorbtion, blindness to external events, lack of inner reserves, loss of willpower, suspension of effort, dissipation of power of perception, danger, selfishness, hoarding, alienation, loneliness

Stadha Stand erect, legs closed, arms down on the body



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