Kaun er barna bolvan
bol görver mann folvan.

Kaun er barna böl
ok bardagi
ok holdfua hus.
flagella. konungr.

Cen byth cwicera gehwam,
cuth on fyre
blac ond beorhtlic,
byrneth oftast
dhaer hi aethelingas
inne restath.


Aett Fehus' Aett, under the god Frey. Creation of stable life, material possession, wealth and protection from enemies.
Meaning Controlled fire, burning, inner fire, flame of the torch, controlled energy, ability, transformation, regeneration, creative will, sexual desire, creativity, mirror of consciousness
Name Rune Strong will, energetic action, enthusiastic for sensible work, can inspire others, filled with ideas, holistic thinking, skilled leader, delusional, power hungry, excessive behaviour


Letter C, K
Number 6
Element Fire
Tarot Chariot, Lovers
Colour orange, bright red
Gods Heimdall, Freyr, Freyja
Magickal Sphere Combat Magick (red in the chaosphere), Thinking Magick (orange in the chaosphere)
World Midgard - Muspelheim
Aura Cutting scissors
Animal Serpent, geese
Chakra Brow chakra, the third eye
Light, Archetypal identity, oriented to self-reflection
This chakra is known as the brow chakra or third eye centre. It is related to the act of seeing, both physically and intuitively. As such it opens our psychic faculties and our understanding of archetypal levels. When healthy it allows us to see clearly, in effect, letting us "see the big picture."
Virtue Friendship, confident, arrogant
Astrology Venus, Gemini
Time 6th hour
Day Saturday
Month January
Festivity Autumn equinox

Magickal Use

Positive Use Promotion of skills in all areas, creative inspiration, regeneration, healing, love, sex, sex magick, harmonic relationship both personal and in business, destructive and hostile energies are transformed to beneficial energies, lust, self-discovery, perceiving motivations and actions of others, penetrating illusionary projections, returning curses to the source, evoking hidden knowlegde and skills, creativity, counteracting poison in the body
Negative Use Anger, destructive fire, slowing down of life energy, pain, agony, blind passion, sexual excess, breakup, inability, choleric temperament, impotence, hiding motivations and actions, creating illusions, sending curses, evoking creative blockages, inducing environmental and personal poison, distorting sexual desire
Protection Against fire of all kind, active defence, protects from unconstrained anger
Healing Genital area, digestion, immune system
Talisman To protect from all kinds of fire, to enhance creativity, bring love and or sex
Divination Bright :
Technical ability, inspiration, creativity, transformation, offspring, renewal, control of fiery influences, will power, unity, fertility, life-giving warmth, use of creative potential, artistry, craftmanship, controlled energy, knowledge, insight, teaching, transformation, regeneration, sexual energy, joyous passion and lust, revitalisation, healing, new directions, opportunities, personal relationship

Murk :
Disease, break-up, inability, lack of creativity, life-taking fire, destruction, lack of creativity, non-use of skills, degeneration, break-down, consumed by negative emotions, inability to learn from experience

Stadha Stand erect, left arm and left hand angled up, right arm and hand in the same angle down



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