Lögr er, er faellr or fjalle
foss; en gull ero nosser.

Lögr er vellanda vatn
ok vidhr ketill
ok glömmunga grund.
lacus. lofdhungr

Lagu byth leodum
langsum gethuht,
gif hi sculun nethan
on nacan tealtum
and hi saeytha
swythe bregath
and se brimhengest
bridles ne gymedh.


Aett Tiwaz' aett, under the god Tyr. Man as social being, spiritual growth, community in which he lives and works, human evolution, Ragnarök
Meaning Life, water, primal water, growth, vital energy, sea, fountain, lagoon
Name Rune Attentive, knows how to use the right time, finds solutions to complex situations, able to make others work together, prepares well for future, able to use concentrates energy and will on single task. Prone to avoid conflicts, ignores details, goes for broke before goal is reached due to inability to know own limits


Letter L
Number 21
Element Water
Tarot Star, Moon, Temperance
Colour Turquoise blue, sea green
Gods Njord, Nerthus, Nehalennia
Magickal Sphere Wealth magick (blue in the chaosphere), Love magick (green in the chaosphere)
World Vanaheim - Liosalfheim
Aura Wild water that washes all away
Animal Goose, hawk
Chakra -
Virtue Gentleness, assertive, egoistic
Astrology Moon, Neptune, Sagitttarius
Time 21st hour
Day Wednesday
Month August
Festivity Beltaine

Magickal Use

Positive Use Guidance in initiation, empower vitality, concentration of unformed energy, forming energy according to will, phallic power, fertility, assertiveness, assist in astral travel, influence others, dream control, life, to calm, growth, influence others to gain help, collecting unformed magickal energy, increasing positive emotions, developing second sight, control of elemental water
Negative Use Dream manipulation, death, agitate, fear, delays, stagnation, immobility, poison, cowardice, lower vitality, betrayal, accident, withering of life force, invading mind and dreams, draining stored energy, depression, emotional chaos, blocking second sight, floods, droughts
Protection Protection from accidents, against betrayal and cowardice, safe journeys
Healing Dissolves psychical and emotional blockades, strengthens against panics and hysterics, removes fear of new things, reveals source of fear; eyes, bones, blood, immune system, skin, against poison, promotes healing for immobility and paralysis
Talisman Divination, assist in visualisation and concentration
Divination Bright :
Life, journey, vitality, unconscious, growth, manageable ordeal, life journey, recognition of patterns, insight, the unconscious mind, surfaced problems, hidden realms, flow of power, hard tests, hidden resources, growth through integration, phallic power, physical prowress, imagination, emotion, psychic matters

Murk :
Fear, circular motion, avoidance, withering, delay, immobility, inflexible thinking, loss of vitality, poisoning, lack of insight, lack of direction, loss of stability, repetition of life lessons, illusion, deception, over-sensitivity, self-generated disease, inability to cope, avoidance, withdrawal, withering, blockage of will and power

Stadha Stand erect, both arms pointing down in front of you in an approximate angle of 45°, palms can either show up or down



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