Madhr er moldar auki;
mikil er graeip a hauki.

Madhr er manns gaman
ok moldar auki
ok skipa skreytir
homo. mildingr.

Man byth on myrgthe
his magan leof:
sceal theah anra gehwwylc
odhrum swican,
fordham drihten wyle
dome sine
thaet earme flaesc
eorthan betaecan.


Aett Tiwaz' aett, under the god Tyr. Man as social being, spiritual growth, community in which he lives and works, human evolution, Ragnarök
Meaning Man, humanity, divine structure, divine connection, intelligence, initiated, illuminated, union of male and female, tolerance
Name Rune Searches for knowledge and experience in many areas and shares his wisdom, empathic, flexible, able to judge his skills well, can be desoriented and desires to be liked by everyone


Letter M
Number 20
Element Air
Tarot Hierophant, Mage, Wheel
Colour Blue, dark red
Gods Mimir, Odin, Frigg, Heimdall
Magickal Sphere Combat magick (red in the chaosphere), Wealth magick (blue in the chaosphere)
World Asgard - Jötunheim
Aura Divine power - imitation of a god
Animal Hawk
Chakra -
Virtue Freedom, team oriented, slavish
Astrology Jupiter
Time 20th hour
Day Monday
Month July
Festivity Beltaine

Magickal Use

Positive Use Realisation of divine structure in man, promote intelligence, memory and mental powers, opening of the third eye, creating unions and partnerships, communication with gods, awakening the divine spark within oneself, project ideas, information or orders, honesty, coming into being, balancing polar natures, increasing mental powers, overcoming adversity, enhancing legal proceedings, co-operation for collective benefit, creating close friendships, undermining enemies, balancing reason with instinct
Negative Use Block thoughts and projections of other beings, project orders, loss of orientation, blindness, false knowledge and information, dissolution of partnerships and cohesion, alienation, brutalisation, isolation, dazzlement, intolerance, instinct over reason, unbalanced perception, closing of spiritual insight, dullness, ineptitude, adversity, turn legal proceedings against one, selfishness, noncooperation, hiding false friendships, revenge
Protection Summon help of likeminded, realisation of self, protect from misinterpretation, against break-ups
Healing To lower egoism and ego centeredness, restore balance in social aspects, restore memory, reveal self-delusion, motor activity in general
Talisman Love magick, creating and protecting unions, atavistic works, communion with the divine within self
Divination Bright :
Divine structure, intelligence, awareness, social order, humanity, higher wisdom, greater perspective, tolerance , embodied awareness, balanced personality, intelligence, memory, rational consciousness, knowledge of potential and limitations, self-control, nobility of spirit, seeker

Murk :
Depression, mortality, blindness, self-delusion, loneliness, intolerance, blindness, estrangement, over-emphasis on mortality, dwelling on limitations, weakness, ignorance, rejection of values, depression, hopelessness, misuse of potential, personality disorders, thoughtlessness, lying

Stadha Stand erect, elbows directly above the head, forearm crossed either before your face or behind your head



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