Naud gerer näppa koste
nöktan kälr i froste

naud er thyjar thra
ok thungr kostr
ok vassamlig verk
opera. niflungr.

Nyd byth nearu on breostan
weortheth hi thea oft nitha bearnum
to helpe and to haele gehwaethre
gif hi his hlystath aeror.


Aett Hagalaz' Aett, under the god Odin. Gives insight to the dependency of unforeseen events but also of hope.
Meaning Desperate distress, deliverance from misery, necessity, need-fire, resistance, hardening, strengthening of resistibility, flood, overcoming of suffering, conciliation of controversy and hate, advancement of inspiration and intuition, inventive talent, attraction, conciliation of material need
Name Rune Successful when in a good partnership, becomes creative in times of need, finds solutions and loopholes, tolerates failures and reacts in a positive way, works well in the background, bitter, self-pity, flees into diseases


Letter N
Number 10
Element Fire, earth
Tarot Justice, Devil
Colour Light green, brown, black
Gods Skuld, Nidhögg
Magickal Sphere Death magick (black in the chaosphere), Love magick (green in the chaosphere)
World Niflheim, Muspelheim - Helheim
Aura Menacing blades, don't tempt fate
Animal Lynx
Chakra -
Virtue Steadfastness, resistant, blocked
Astrology Uranus, Cancer
Time 10th hour
Day Sunday
Month November
Festivity Samhain

Magickal Use

Positive Use Overcome sorrow, development of magickal will, sudden inspiration, disposal of hate and disputes, realisation of personal needs, protection, love magick - to conquer a loved one, divination, amplifies own will, defence against attacks, to search for lover, conserve order, constructive pressure, activation of shaping forces, resistance, uncovering unacknowledged obligations, expsing problems, overcoming fear, stimulating incisive action, slaying attackers, protection against drought and plagues
Negative Use Quarrels, distress, dissolution of order, dejection, disheartenment, weakening, destruction, restricting others through hidden obligations, amplifying existing problems, fettering through fear, causing inaction, initiating attack
Protection Abolishing of anger and hate, avert need and misery
Healing Abates psychical pain, helps in depressions, neural system, immune system, bones, heart, skin and shoulders
Talisman To be able to make balanced and unbiased decisions, protection, strengthening of intuition, resistance
Divination Bright :
Resistance that leads to strength, recognition of fate, innovation, need-fire, end of quarrels, deliverance from constraints, will directed action, resistance against hardship, strength through ordeal, tenacity, original thinking, inventiveness, self-reliance, recognition of cause and effect, overcoming constraints or limitations, growth through endurance

Murk :
Constraint of freedom, distress, toil, drudgery, laxity, opposition, calamity, weakening, defeatist attitude, severe constraints on freedom, inability to relieve distress, heavy burdens, lack of effort, fears, anxiety, guilt

Stadha Stand erect, legs closed, right harm tilted up with the palm facing up, left arm tilted down with palm facing down, the arms form one line



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