Peordh byth simple
plege and hlehter
wlancum on middum
dhar wigan sittath
on beorsele
blithe aetsomne.


Aett Hagalaz' Aett, under the god Odin. Gives insight to the dependency of unforeseen events but also of hope.
Meaning Örlög, time, Urdhr - Verdhandi - Skuld, cause and effect, evolution, change, dice-cup, chalice, well, power of birth, well of wisdom and cosmic laws, security
Name Rune Can see things from various points of view and judge them, sees through causal correlation, knows when the time is right, knows what's right, craving for pleasure, small minded, shallow


Letter P
Number 14
Element Water
Tarot Wheel, Justice
Colour Silver, black
Gods Frigg
Magickal Sphere Sex magick (purple/silver in the chaosphere)
World Niflheim - Hel
Aura Grasping tentacles
Animal Frog
Chakra -
Virtue Wisdom, precautious, addicted to planning
Astrology Saturn, Pluto
Time 14th hour
Day Friday
Month May
Festivity Imbolc

Magickal Use

Positive Use Realisation of fate, divination, luck, knowledge about cause and effect, sociability, growth, promotes success, to find hidden talents, carefree, accessing secret knowledge - the Well of Wyrd, divining and scrying to read the Örlög, unravelling bindings, drawing on accumulated might - personal and ancestral, releasing hidden potential into manifestation, fixing magickal will into Well and Web
Negative Use Addiction to pleasure, atrocious fate, loneliness, stagnation, inhibition, hiding secret activities, evoking false sense of well being, inducing over indulgence, inducing addictions, dissipation of personal luck, cursing family lines, invoking destruction of sexual intimacy and familial relationships
Protection Bringing about good moment for realisation of plans
Healing Reveals psychical inhibition, lust for life, encourages easy birth, eases falling asleep
Talisman Helps in divination, realisation of own destiny, promotes humour
Divination Bright :
Good lot, knowledge of destiny, fellowship, joy, evolution, change, recovery of hidden knowledge, hidden talents, that which comes into being, evolutionary change, knowledge of cause and effects, offult abilities, female mysteries, good omen, happiness, luck, entertainment, release of tension

Murk :
Addiction, stagnation, loneliness, illness, lack of foresight, over-indulgence in lifes' pleasures, addiction, wasting of vital force, dissipation, overwhelming, uneasiness, tension, unhappiness, solitude

Stadha Sit on the floor, draw your knees toward your body, let the elbows rest on the knee, forearms are slightly raised



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