Sol er landa ljome:
luti ek helgum dome.

Sol er skyja skjöldr
ok skinandi rödhull
ok isa aldrtregi.
rota. siklingr.

Sigel semannum
symble bith on hihte,
dhonne hi hine feriath
ofer fisces beth,
oth hi brimhengest
bringeth to lande.


Aett Hagalaz' Aett, under the god Odin. Gives insight to the dependency of unforeseen events but also of hope.
Meaning Sun, sunwheel, magickal will, leading, way and goal, success, honour, illumination, life-force
Name Rune Considerate, thinker, doesn't let things get out of control, sees his way clearly, empathic, gives good advice, filled with energy. Beware blind action, unnecessary routines and tawdriness


Letter S
Number 16
Element Air
Tarot Sun, Strength
Colour Gold, silver, white
Gods Baldur, Sol, Sunna
Magickal Sphere Ego Magick (yellow in the chaosphere), Sex Magick (purple/silver in the chaosphere)
World Muspelheim - Svartalfheim
Aura Blinding bright sunlight
Animal Falcon
Chakra -
Virtue Hospitality, determined, inconsiderate
Astrology Sun, Leo
Time 16th hour
Day Sunday
Month July
Festivity Imbolc

Magickal Use

Positive Use Strengthens the psychic centre and will, victory and success, creativity, fertility, development, reward, creativity, guidance, restore reputation, awaken fire energy within the body (serpent energy and kundalini), strengthen life and sexual powers, remove resistance, illuminating direct pathways to enlightenment, accessing inner guidance, amplifying willpower, removing obstacles to realise goals, stimulating chakras, stimulating attraction, gaining swift victory
Negative Use Overdose of Sowilo leads to cruelness and insensitivity, stagnation, failed plans, sluggishness, inconsequence, blind action, distraction from chosen path, increasing gullibility, choosing wrong advice, weakening will, pursuing goals set by others, inhibiting flow of energy, losing purpose, sexual infatuation, storms
Protection Protection from life-threatening occurrences, protection within groups, against mobbing
Healing Riddance of sense of inferiority, banish fear of loss and failure, replaces weak will with power to prevail
Talisman Guide for illumination, enforce will
Divination Bright :
Guidance, hope, success, goals achieved, honour, goal in sight, wisdom, revealed direction, spiritual force, journey, the right path, the right goal, dynamic evolution, magickal evolution, fixed concentration, success and honour, dissipation of all obstacles, breaking of inertia, quick learning, luck, healing, achievement, victory through will, strengthening of chakras

Murk :
False goals, bad counsel, false success, gullibility, loss of goals, weak-willed, easily led, pursuit of wrong goals, lack of direction, loss of purpose, achievements gained through dishonourable means

Stadha Legs are closed, knees half bend, torso and head are in one line, arms are raised in front of you



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